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BurnxAsxEmbers avatar 5:14 AM on 01.30.2012  (server time)
Power Rangers: Not Just Nostalgia

Nostalgia does things to ones psyche. It can make you believe you love something more than you actually do, it can make you do things. Think and say things. While it can be a dangerous venture, it can also be one of the more rewarding aspects of life. High risk for high reward.

A small example of the negative impacts: I saw The Darkness for $6 at a game shop. "I loved that game!" I said, and promptly bought it with a grin. The Darkness was a diamond in the rough 5 years ago. Coming out around the same time as Halo 3, it was overlooked by most, but certainly not under rated. Most who played it found it to be a good, if not great, game. I myself loved it so much, I even tried multiplayer. I shut it off, but still, I tried it.

Estacado, Y U KNOW AIM RIGHT?!

The game did *not* age well at all. Not solid in the shooting department, the controls can be unresponsive, and its obnoxiously difficult early on, even on normal mode. Oh well, it was $6, I'm not complaining. But the risk factor didn't reward me: I became frustrated that nostalgia let me down.

Recently I've been listening to a lot of a girl named "lara6683" on youtube. She plays violin and piano, covering video game and nerd culture music, and she does it superbly. One of my favorite tracks is the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger theme. She makes it sound larger than life, and epic. The actual theme is epic, but then when you think about it: Its just epic in a slightly humorous aspect. She makes this song sound dark-epic. Oh yea, and she plays it wearing a Pink Ranger suit.

This got me thinking of the Power Rangers. I loved em as a kid: I had every Megazord up to generation 3, and I still have the generation 1 Megazord. The Mastodon shield doesn't stay in his hand, but hey. Oh and one of the triceratops horns is a bit chewed... I'll post pics when I can get them, I swear xD

So what did I do? I went and... Acquired a copy of Season 1, thats what I fuckin' did! After 5 hours waiting for "delivery", I plunked myself down in the dark and watched for a few hours. Mio Energy, awesome bread, cigarettes, Doritos, and fucking Power Rangers baby! I was not disappointed, I was thrilled.

"Alpha! Get me 5 teenagers with attitudes! And a side of kick ass!"

The dialogue is cheesy 90's slapstick, the acting is sub par. But! I already knew this going in: I knew it as a kid. What I really watched it for was the fighting, the monsters, and the mo-fucking dino-robots that can turn into a tank and a giant robo-karate fighter! Fuck yea! Oh, and Amy Jo Johnson.

If she isn't fucking sexy, I don't know what is.

After about 15 episodes, I wanted a bit more. I remembered I had a game on my Genesis based off the movie: Pick a Ranger, fight some ooze-dudes in a beat-em-up, then occasionally go into a fighting game styled Megazord vs Monster fight, ending with a fight against Ivan Ooze in his Wasp mech-form. I couldn't find it on any rom site, and the only game based off the movie I could get hints of were not the game at all, I remember what it looked like, none of the screenshots gave any recognized features. But I did grab MMPR: Fighting Edition for my SNES emu, and had some fun for about an hour. Not a bad generic fighter. Not fantastic by any means, but not shitty either. A good diversion if you've got a buddy, a second USB controller, and some time to kill.

That made me think of the movie. So I got that too, and watched it. And aside from the lame CG effects at the end, it was a pretty solid movie. Ivan Ooze is actually a really good villain, and the action scenes are fucking boss. I love the fight versus the 4 rock monsters near the end...

Over all, I'm really happy with how I spent my evening. I can safely say I now have one of my favorite movies, a good TV series to watch when I'm bored (60 episodes in season 1! That will take some chipping away), and a quest to find a long lost game, all because of a song. Music does things to you... And so do giant robots.

On a secondary note, really check out lara6683s' youtube. She does great renditions of many great songs on violin, piano, and sometimes both. My favorites are:
Power Rangers theme (Violin)
Brinstar (V)
Halo (V)
Morrowind/Skyrim theme (Piano, guest violin)
Pirates of the Carribean (V)
Pokemon TV Series theme (V/P)
Chocobo theme (V)
A surprise :)
Oh, plus, shes cute as fuck.

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