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BurnxAsxEmbers's blog

5:14 AM on 01.30.2012

Power Rangers: Not Just Nostalgia

Nostalgia does things to ones psyche. It can make you believe you love something more than you actually do, it can make you do things. Think and say things. While it can be a dangerous venture, it can also be one of the more ...   read

10:51 PM on 01.18.2012

Finally Played: Bioshock 2 - Did it Hold Up to the Original?

I must apologize for lack of photos. I would say its how I protest SOPA/PIPA, but really, I'm just too lazy to do it right now. Deal. I remember a time when shooters were just guns and explosions, enemies that made sense onl...   read

1:43 AM on 01.12.2012

What I Want In 2012: The Supreme Rise of E-Sports

E-Sports. For the past 3-4 years, gaming in the mainstream has surged. For most first world countries, gamers come in more flavors than Baskin and Robins ice cream. In fact, you could probably walk down the street and ask 10...   read

3:44 AM on 01.09.2012

Skyrim: Tale of the Ashlander

Skyrim: Tale of the Ashlander Precursor Dhraz-te had only ever known hardship. A Dunmer born to a family of Ashlanders after the Red Days, he was raised learning survival in a harsh, unforgiving environment. Though his fa...   read

12:23 AM on 01.07.2012

Intro Blog, Dead Space 2 Mastery, Skyrim Journal Story Intro, and Upcoming GSL!

Welcome to my blog! I would re-introduce myself, but you can just look to the right for a glimpse of Burn ;D To get a squeeze more indepth on me however would probably be a good idea. I prefer if people know a bit about me f...   read

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