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Burning Fire's blog

2:38 PM on 02.25.2010

Got Trek?

I have fallen into the great intergalactic manifestation formaly known as Star Trek online, I have stayed away from heavy MMOs for quite some time now. Last one was Ago of Conan and what a disapointment that was! But I will not mention anything anymore about AOC it will hold a special place in my heart for ever and make me wheep at the same time.

Cryptic has brought us another light MMO it 98% fat free to be exact. It was great to see a MMO install and patch in less than half an hour. Even though the install process was fast, I fell deep into the character creator.
I was in a really silly mood apon loading the character creator so the product of my silliness is "Star Fire" a 7 foot tall red alien that has some kind of antlers, a demon like face, and long claw like fingers that could make any woman no matter what planet shes from Scream!

Once i got past the handly tutorial session I had Harbinger the ship that strikes fear in the minds and hearts of all sentient life. Harbinger was of course my Federation ship, after loading it with bridge officers I was finaly able to hit the stars and search the great expanse.

I'm having a blast so far i just hope it isn't short lived.   read

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