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Buried On Mars avatar 3:35 PM on 05.18.2013  (server time)
EA's Bob Summerwill wins this week's "Smooth Move, Ex-Lax" award

Lately, picking on EA has become almost as embarrassing for me to do as picking on a mentally challenged person.  But then one of their employees will remind me through Twitter that they are indeed not beyond any means of helping themselves, but only arrogant.

Bob Summerwill is an Engineer and Architect at EA Sports.  Now, after his Twitter attack on Nintendo, he will forever be known as the guy who publicly said "The Wii U is crap".  I don't want anyone to misunderstand.  I am NOT handing this award to Summerwill for hating the Wii U.  That is his opinion (one that I happen to disagree with) and I am fine with that.  He may even be able to make a case for it.  But announcing that kind of argumentative statement to the world is as dumb as wearing denim on denim.  Because it only gave people one more reason to hate EA.

Before Summerwill's comments EA was doing a fine job of being a total dick to Nintendo, but not looking like one.  Yes, it was a little douchie to make public announcements about how the content starved Wii U will not be getting new installments of Madden and FIFA.  But the decision is sound.  No one could blame them for not wanting to release games on a struggling console if isn't worth their time or money.  But then to further pour salt on the wound by stating the console "is crap", "not Gen4", and Nintendo is "walking dead", is inexcusable.  It's like EA are the bad guys in an action movie who just gave Nintendo a thorough beating.  Summerwill is that one guy who sees Nintendo is struggling to stand up and kicks him in the stomach to knock him bad down again.

We will probably never know how true the rumor of Nintendo rejecting EA's proposal to have its online store, Origin, become the sole provider of digital content on the Wii U is.  But when EA employees begin to publicly badmouth the Wii U like a jilted lover, it leads me to believe there might be more truth to it than not.  In the end, EA will be the one to suffer the most from these comments.  Because who do we gamers tend to rooting for?  The guy on the ground as he tries to pick himself up for a chance to succeed again.  Great.  Now I have Chumbawamba stuck in my head.

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