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Burdmayn's blog

3:37 PM on 04.11.2012

PSVita blues

I tried so hard to love the Vita, I really did. I was hyped before release, I picked up 4 games on launch day (Feb 15) and I rushed home to play the living daylights out of the thing.

I absolutely LOVED what the Vita offered at first, and the hardware is pretty damn impressive. The thing is, after awhile I just stopped playing it entirely, the honeymoon phase ended fast. I beat Uncharted and started a few other games, but I wasn't compelled to finish or even continue playing any of the games. Even Uncharted wasn't that impressive, I more or less finished it out of obligation to my love for the series. This made me feel worse than buying a 3DS on day one, instead of having no games I had plenty that I didn't want to play.

I sat around for quite a bit wondering why I didn't want to play my Vita, and then I finally came to a realization. Console-quality games on a handheld don't appeal to me, I get no satisfaction out of playing them. The technology is really impressive, but I wasn't satisfied by playing 10 minutes of Uncharted on the bus, it felt more like a buzzkill. The games almost demanded long play sessions in order for me to enjoy them, and that just didn't mesh well with my schedule. While out and about I would have bouts of about 20 to 25 minutes to mess around, that was nowhere near enough for me. When I finally settled in at home, I felt more compelled to play my home consoles on a big screen instead of the Vita's tiny one.

So my experiment with the Vita did not go well at all, which felt pretty bad considering I spent about $600 on it. I ended up selling my console on Ebay for a slight loss, and I don't see myself picking up another one in the future. In my almost 20 years as a gamer, I have never been so disappointed in a system that I should have liked. The 3DS had a terrible launch, but I never felt compelled to get rid of it like I did with the Vita. I have since gone back to playing my 3DS which I enjoy immensely, I have a new found appreciation for what it does.

All I can say is oh well, I can't really blame Sony because the Vita is a fantastic system. It just isn't for me, and the sales in Japan seem to say the same for Japanese gamers. That being said, I'm really interested to know how the Vita is doing worldwide now that its out. I know about 10 people in my town that bought one at launch but I haven't heard of many people buying a Vita since.   read

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