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BumGamer says:

Hi Everybody!

// Submitted @ 7:31 AM on 05.24.2009

Now, I know you saw that title (you know, "Hi Everybody!" like that doctor on Simpsons), and immediately concluded that this post would not be worth your time. You are 110% correct, but bare with me a little and I'll keep it short as possible as I introduce myself. I joined this site a couple of months ago, and this is probably the fourth time I've actually logged on. I visit DToid almost everyday, so this is a bit awkward, but I tend to be too lazy to log on. Anyway, I would like to familiarize people with who I am, so I decided to write up this short post in order to do just that. I am not going to get personal (because frankly that could be dangerous), and I'll just give you a general overview of who I am.

Wait ... I've completely ran out of ideas. All I can think of saying is that I live in Central Ohio (like Paul Soth, another user who's page I find quite interesting), and that I enjoy video games and gaming very much, even though I usually do not have the money to expend upon my hobby. That, and that I would love to get to know some of you (not in a touchy-feely, pedo-like sense; I'm not a 60 year old ice cream man here), and share my passion for this hobby with other users. Uh, its coming back to me: and I especially enjoy RPG's, fighting games, adventure games (straight adventure fare like Shenmue, for example, which I've almost completed and love in spite of heavy opposition), strategy games, and shooters. I got an old Genesis and Super Nintendo from a neighbor, and that is when I think I really started to get into retro gaming, which has brought me to this wonderful web site and all the thoughtful and interesting articles users post by the dozens everyday. I would love to continue to get to know people who have similar interests, and hopefully summon enough thoughts to one day write a comprehensive introductory article to all of you. Until then, as the French say [(or don't say, I can't really tell) (and I am not French either, just a little FYI)], au revoir!

Below is an accurate representation of me (complete with crappy and overused Google Images images;it's almost a tongue twister!)
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