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7:23 PM on 01.27.2009 // BulletMagnet
ShortBlog - Link to MuchLongerThing

This entry will be quick, but it has a link or two to a load more reading material, of especial interest to those with even a passing fancy for the scrolling shooter genre. Without further ado:

Some of you might have at some point followed the already-posted link to my Saturn Shmup Roundup on racketboy – now, as fate would have it, I’m back for an encore, this time tackling the library of the PS1.

Behold, the Playstation Shmup Roundup!

(Spoiler alert – though the Saturn is more famous for its shooters, the PS1 actually has a larger selection of them – and thus, this article is even bigger than the last one, and even includes a “bonus” list or two!)

Anyways, if you’re interested in seeing just how much the console offers for thumb-twitchers, give it a look, and feel free to comment on any and all aspects of the write-up. Hope you enjoy!
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