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9:38 PM on 03.17.2011

Best New Pokemon

Pokemon Black & White are selling like hotcakes, and already earning a place in the heart of many fanboys. Some of them have a love-hate relationship with the new Pokemon, because some are awesome, and some are dreadful.

I want to to hear which new Pokemon in Unova you think is best. I'll tally up the votes, and the 8 which get the highest votes will go in.

As for me, my vote goes to Serperior, the final form of the already awesome Snivy. I just can't say a bad thing about this epic snake. It could tear up Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer and Mr T. all at once.

Now it's time for you to tell me what your favourite is. All you have to do is put the name of your favourite Unova Pokemon in the comments and say why you like it. Best of luck to your Unova buddy!   read

10:59 PM on 03.15.2011

Pokemon Black Review

Pokemon Black and White prove to be the most impressive and unique Pokemon games since Gold and Silver

I love Pokemon! I have Pokemon blood in my veins, and I'm always winning! I picked up Pokemon Black from EB Games after a hard day at school, and what a way to spend A Hard Day's Night.

Pokemon Black and White take place in The Unova Region, which is entirely isolated from all the other regions. I picked up a smug little Snivy, as I'm a Grass type lover, and off I went. The first thing you realise is the improvement on the 3D models. Now, everything but character sprites pop out, giving it a fresh, but somewhat retro feel. The next thing I saw was the new look for battles. The sprites now move while your choosing your move, so it's not like to puppets fighting. Also, there's a 3D battlefield, and a moving camera, which all makes battling that much more climactic. Everything in the game looks smoother and better detailed, from the sprites to the bulidings.

My favourite part about the game is that you won't see Pikachu and Zubat in the game. Every Pokemon you see will be completely new to you, giving you the challenge of figuring out for yourself how to combat them and which Pokemon are best to catch and train. There's 156 new kids on the block, bringing the Pokedex to a grand total of 649 Pokemon!

All the new environments and Pokemon are great, other than a couple crap Pokemon, which you get every Generation. The new areas are very diverse, from big cities with Skyscrapers in the clouds, to barren, dry deserts.

Also, there's a fabulous Pokemon Musical. The Pokemon Musical is for those who have a soft spot for cute Pokemon. Your done with it in 10 minutes, but it's a nice little thing for those who like to dress up Pokemon, and those people will probably get more out of it.

The story is the deepest and the most mature of any Pokemon game. With a slightly older trainer, it's a whole lot different. I won't go into great detail, but Team Plasma are the first of the evil teams who have a real goal which isn't truly evil. You've got 3 Rivals in this: 2 who are kinda' like the past rivals (You know, close friends, they go off on their journey at the same time as you with a starter and constantly have random battles with you), and a guy named N who proves to be the first rival to play a big part in the story, but I won't spoil how. But, while I said it was more mature, don't expect it to be an epic, story heavy game.

The most midblowing moment was running across the birdge to Castelia City, while the camera moves around, giving you amazing views of the bridge. Castelia City itself is huge, bigger than any other city in Pokemon.

The difference between Black and White are a little more than other Pokemon versions. Some cities in White have an ancient look, while in Black, some cities have a futuristic look. They both have their own exclusive area. White has a forest, and Black has a city.

The Wi-Fi has been improved, so if you have DSi, or,when it's out, a 3DS, you don't need to put down the security to go online, and you get some other exclusive stuff if played on The DSi, like Video Chat.

One of the best touches to the game is the seasons. It's Autumn now, so I've been seeing trees of Red, Orange and Brown, while during winter, It's snowy or rainy in some areas, etc. I fiddled with the calendar to check out. each season, and each one was unique and cool.

Most importantly, this game is pure fun! The battling is excting as usual, and it's great to see how your new Pokemon go up against the trainers of Unova.

Final Comments
Pokemon Black is the best original Pokemon experince I've had since Silver. Everything's been freshened up and redone. Anyone can get something out of this.

+Lots and Lots of new stuff
+All New Pokemon
+Has some neat little touches
+Just Plain Fun
+Great new Pokemon.......
-.......And a couple crap Pokemon
99%   read

12:17 AM on 02.24.2011

The PS2 must die!

It was 2004, when the PS2 had cemented itself as the king of the gaming market, and nobody could come anywhere near it. I was never a fan of Sony game consoles, but the PS2 was just cool! You couldn't argue with it's games. Dragon Quest 8, Final Fantasy X and XII, GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas were among the best. It was a great console.

Now it's 2011, and I hate the console to death! It's been saturated to the point it's fallen apart, and still they saturate it. The Gamecube and XBOX were dead, but The PS2 just kept going. The next generation is on the horizon, and still, Sony are so stupid as to keep the generation of consoles before continue. Now, it's just an underpowered toy, with 3 year olds being the only people still drooling over it. It's holding Sony down, as well as all consoles. They can't let it go.

I'll give you an example: WWE Games! The PS2 is still getting all the WWE games, because THQ and Yuke's wont give it up. They do half-assed ports, which gives them less time to work on The 360 and PS3 versions, as well as not giving them any time to anything more that a port for the Wii and The PSP.

The PS2 just wont be given up, It's just a corpse on the battlefield. Sony just can't discontinue it. The DS has already taken its spot as the highest selling console of all time. There isn't any reason to keep it going. It's older than it's target audience.   read

2:03 AM on 02.23.2011

"DS is Gay"

I've got a story about how poor the values of most High School students are.

It was Saturday, and I was on Facebook. I was talking about how awesome the 3DS was, when some kid comes and says "gay". I logically reply, saying "What's so gay about this?". His response is "your in yr 9 nd ur talking about a ds. thats sooooo gay."

I just ignore him, then he sends another comment: "your so gay XD next u say u liek wresling lol" That moment I wanted to snap his neck or at least knock some sense into his head. The saddest part is that he's not a troll.

My lord...................... They're just so illogical. They're basically saying "No, you can't like this, 'cause I don't, and I saw a 10 year old with it, so that must mean it's homo-erotic". They think that just because a game doesn't have blood, sex, booze and guns, it's 10 and under. These are the kinds of people who want the R18+ rating so they can play more violent games, while people like me want it for a better classification system. I get a lot of it from those homophopic, thick headed "Cool Kids"

Why can't people play games because they're fun, and not because they're so-called "Mature"? Some gamers are just pitiful these days.   read

10:37 PM on 02.18.2011

Pokemon: An Influential Series

Go ahead! Say that Pokemon is a fad, that it's for little kiddies, that I'm too old for it, that it was never good, but I'm 14 and I love it! It's been the biggest influence on me as a gamer. I wouldn't be a gamer if Pokemon didn't exist. There's not a word to describe it.

My tale starts in 2003, when I was 7. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were out. I had one look at the game and it looked so awesome. I saw my older brother play it on his GBA. I looked in awe at the colourful creatures and the simplicity. One day, he gave me his GBC and Pokemon Silver. My 7 year journey through the Pokemon world which still has no end in sight began. I picked up the cute, little Chikorita from Prof. Elm and off I went. I was hooked on the game. 6 months later, I beat the Elite 4, and I screamed "OH MY GOD! I BEAT LANCE!!!!!! I DID IT!". Thankfully, we had no neighbours back then. About a month later, I went through Kanto and I still wanted more! I battled every trainer, collected every item and used my Master Ball on A F**ING EKANS!!!!!!!!!! It was so hard catching Ho-oh because of that, but I felt great once I did. I put well over 100 Hours into it. I still see it up there with games like Mario Galaxy and Zelda: Ocarina of Time

After doing everything I could do, I was bored. I had nothing to do on it. For my 8th Birthday, I got LeafGreen and a brand new GBA. I was so excited when I opened my presents to find that. It was great for me to experience the original Pokemon adventure, only brought into full colour, 16-BIT graphics, and revamped music. I put almost 200 hours into it, and built up a team of Lvl 100 Pokemon, even getting a Shiny Fearow. Everyone at school was playing it, and me and my best friend would spend Lunch trading and battling. It was just truly amazing.

My older brother got FireRed a bit before I got LeafGreen, and was always a few steps ahead of me (Kinda like the rival), so once he traded over his Pokemon from Ruby, he gave it to me. It was so awesome. I got to see all the Pokemon I didn't get to see in Silver and LeafGreen. My Twin Brother got Sapphire for Christmas that year and I finally got to be the one a step ahead. I always beat him in battles with my Lvl 100 Venusaur.He once almost beat me, but my Rapidash taught him a lesson. My Best Friend also got Sapphire and we got to combine our Kanto and Hoenn teams for an epic battle!

There was a real awesome store in my area called "Gametraders", who had all these awesome retro games. I found Pokemon Yellow there for $19.95, so I bought it and played through that. It was great seeing Kanto through a different set of eyes.

For my 9th Birthday, I got Emerald and played through that, but there was more: The Battle Frontier. It was so awesome!! I got to test all my Pokemon. One day, I let my twin brother play Emerald. Guees What? He lost it in a Hire Car, so I never saw it again. He had to give me $50, and I couldn't find any store which had a copy. To make matters worse, I lost LeafGreen, too, and the internal battery of my Pokemon Silver dried up. I almost cried when that happened. My Pokemon dreams almost died.

I dug up my older brother's N64, Pokemon stadium and Pokemon Blue. I used Blue for MISSINGNO. glitches, which my older brother told me about. I used the glitch to build up an invincible, Lvl 100 Party. Eventualy the data was corrupted, and I gave it to my twin brother. I finished Stadium with the glitch party and then rarely played it again. I got Stadium 2 as well, and used my older brother's Crystal on it, and made an awesome team!

2006 came, and for my 10th Birthday, I got a DS. I was so happy. I got bored after a while, becuase Diamond and Pearl had still yet to come. When they did come, It wowed the hell out of me. The new graphics, the great Pokemon, the touch screen stuff and much more made it my favourite DS game. That was until Pokemon Platinum came out and did more than any other 3rd version. Everything I loved about Pokemon was in one glorious package.

Whe HeartGold and SoulSilver were anounced, I lit up like a christmas tree and almost cried again, but this time it was joy. The game which started my proverbial "Pokemon Journey" was Back In Black. Like Emerald, Diamond and Platinum, I was first in line to get it after school. I went to the food court afterwards to see many kids playing it and having the same fun as I did 6 Years Before. It reminded of how amazing Pokemon was and how much it meant to my life, seeing Primary School kids picking up their first Pokemon game and experiencing what I did. It was mindblowing. It proved to me that Pokemon was no fad! The Game itself was a tidal wave of nostalgia. My first video game revived without a dodgy internal battery.

What's next for me? Pokemon Black and White and The 3DS of course! Pokemon Black will be my farewell to The DS, then I've got the succesor portable console to go on with. I love all the other game series dearly, like Zelda, Mario and Metroid, but while Pokemon may not be as illustrious as Nintendo's big three, none of them have impacted me quite the same as Pokemon.   read

3:42 AM on 02.12.2011

$349AUD for the 3DS?!

When I heard that the 3DS would be $349 here in the land of Oz, my jaw dropped. That's just a huge amount of money to pay!

Our dollar's stronger than the US, so it makes it even more blindingly obvious that we're playing much more than them. What makes it worse is that there are no game bundles and games will cost around $78AUD. Than means I have to pay $427AUD to get the system and JUST ONE GAME!

I'll still be getting it at launch. Thankfully, GAME has a good offer: I can trade my DSi and any 2 DS Games to get the system for $189AUD. That'll mean $267AUD for the system and a game. I've saved up $200 so far, and have the system Pre-Ordered. I'm going to try to get a part-time job to get the rest of the money.

I would get the system even if it cost $3500. That's how deep my love for Nintendo is!   read

7:51 PM on 01.30.2011

Will Sony Ever Learn?...........................

Hi! I came to Dtoid a while ago because I loved how diverse the community's opinions were. I trolled Jim's account to start and get people's attention, even getting my first troll message frontpaged! It's hilarious and I even out-trolled Jim! Read it at this link:

Anyway, I'm going to talk about how many amateur mistakes Sony have made with their NGP. I'm not going to have big capial letters and call them Faggots, I'm just going to present my side in this argument. Agree or Disagree with me all you want, but the internet is for Freedom of Speech!

This tale begins with E3 2010! Nintendo destroyed the competition with the epic 3DS! I can tell you, when that was announced prior to E3, I screamed "YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!" upon reading about it. I wasn't really that excited about 3D gaming, but seeing the 3DS, how amazing it was, and not having to wear 3D Glasses completely changed my outlook on 3D! Sony then went to say that their 3D was better, even though there's no innovation in their way of doing it. They said that 3D was only for the family at home, yet they're biggest hyped 3D game was Killzone 3. Also, They said the same thing about motion gaming, then used SIXAXIS in their PS3 controller, and then released a very uncreative failure called the Playstation Move which was a Wii Remote with too many button released for the exact opposite reason the Wii was released: To Compete with their rivals. SOny just worry too much about the competition and trying to match them hit-for-hit.

Recently, the NGP was announced and had the original touch screen and motion controls. It's a slightly compromised PS3 in your hand!!!! Not many Hardcore gamers are heavy travellers, so they're never too far from their PS3, defeating the purpose of it. Even if they are on the go, the console will have only about 5 Hours Battery life max, and the games aren't pick up and play at all.

Secondly, all the games so far are just PS3 ports and portable versions of PS3 games. The 3DS has a couple remakes, but it actually enhances them and on top of that, has its own orignal lineup of games.

This all shows that Sony are making the same mistake of "Waiting 'til it's popular and saying it sucks until then" and just too many mistakes to name. They've been in the Gaming Market for 15 years, for crying out loud! Sony could lose a lot of money on gaming if they don't pull up their socks or just give up. Nintendo will always know more about gaming, how to please everyone and how to compete with the opposing companies. Sony worry too much about the competition and trying to best them. They try to intimidate Nintendo and say they're better than them. Nintendo just play it cool, pretty much ignore the competition, and just let you decide whether you want to get their console. Sony should learn that you shouldn't pick on someone bigger and smarter than you!   read

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