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Bulba avatar 6:37 AM on 07.17.2011  (server time)
Wrestling Game Review Roundup Part 1

In anticipation of WWE '12, I've decided to review all the Wrestling games I've played in order of their release. This is my opinion, and feel free to argue with it.

WCW/nWo Revenge (N64)

WCW/nWo Revenge was the first wrestling game I ever played, before I even really started to like wrestling. I really liked the game! It had a HUGE roster, simple controls, deep customization, and was overall just fun. I'm filled with regret about giving it away on my last day of Primary School, to the after school care people as a christmas gift. Although, it was a bit slow, the music was annoying and the graphics weren't that good in my opinion. I've never played WWF No Mercy, but this is the closest I ever got.

WWF Attitude (N64)

I really want to like this game! It has all these great modes and features, but I really don't like using button combos! I suck at it, and it really doesn't have much action or pacing. It had a good roster, pretty good graphics, great commentary and good music, but the gameplay just sucks!


WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role (PSX)

This was my second wrestling game! It was a real blast to play! Good create modes, fun matches, simple controls and a fairly good roster. My only problems are the iffy problems that plague the Smackdown series to this day, the lack of a real Season mode and that it's presentation was kind of flat.

WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It! (PS2)

The first wrestling game of the generation. I didn't really like this. The commentary was god awful, the graphics could've been better, the season mode was better, but still kinda crap, it took up half your memory card, it didn't really improve on anything and it had FRED DURST as an unlockable character! Yes, you read that right! FRED DURST! All in all, it was still a fun game!

WWE Raw (Xbox)

When I saw this game, it looked pretty cool! Looks can be deceiving, though. My brother bought this, and I played it. It was just horrible. It had some neat ideas and an alright roster, but it was slower than a dead snail, ugly, way too hard, boring, outdated, and overall just a pain to play! I don't want to play it again!

WWE Wrestlemania X-8 (GCN)

I remember being really excited about buying this! Did it live up to my hype? Kinda. It had an alright roster, a passable create-a-wrestler and the match types were all fun, especially the HIAC match which is still better than the Smackdown vs Raw 2011's by a longshot! But really, there was no real story mode. You were done with it in a couple hours.

WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth (PS2)

Oh, this game! THIS GAME! It was just awesome! HUGE Season Mode, commentators who know when to shut up, good sound and graphics, good roster, and amazing depth. It did have little frustrationg problems, but Shut Your Mouth was just pure fun! It proved that the Smackdown! series still going today was there to stay

Look for part two next week, where I'll review Raw 2, Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain, WWE Day of Reckoning and the entire Smackdown vs Raw series!

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