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Bulba avatar 6:04 AM on 06.09.2011  (server time)
Wii U: For Uus and Mii

I've been sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for Project Cafe to reveal itself, then it came: Wii U. My jaw dropped off and I haven't been able to recover it since. It's got everything that I've ever wanted in a Nintendo console. Big, HD Games? Check! A more straight forward controller? Check! Wii Remote and Nunchuk not forgotten? Check! New innovative ways to play? Check! Suitable for long play sessions? Check! Suitable for family fun and parties? Check! Mario and Zelda games on the way? Check!

There were many games talked about and demonstrated for Wii U. 3rd Party wise, it's getting all the games that the Wii would never get. Nintendo showed off Super Mario Bros Mii, which looked pretty neat! It's seems like it'll be the simple pleasure of all the big games coming to it. It didn't really show off the HD, but it showed off the controller screen. In the demo video, it showed the example of someone playing the game, when someone comes in, wanting to watch the baseball, so at the press of a button, the game was streamed to the controller so that the person could continue while the TV was in use. This could be really convenient.

As you can see, the whole game has been streamed to the controller to play without the controller, only sacrificing the HD Resolution

Of all the amazing games talked about (I'm getting antsy just thinking of Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS), one stood above them all: Zelda HD! No, not that stupid Skyward Sword HD bullshit going around, a new HD Zelda, showing a brain-exploding, nerdgasmic epic boss battle, in explosive HD. Words can not describe how mind-blowing it was!!!!!!! It's was just


As well as all that magic, there was the multitude of uses displayed. Some of my favourites were things like how golf games were implemented (Hard to explain, but cool) placing , streaming Youtube videos and video chat, Using it like a magnifying lens, and, my favourite, putting the controller onto a Wii Zapper and using the controller screen as a sniper.

The Wii had its fair share of games to go out on, and the 3DS had a few strong games shown, but The Wii U was what really took everyone by storm. I wish 2012 would just come sooner!

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