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3:22 AM on 08.10.2011

IGN have been very negative towards Nintendo recently. I've given up on IGN and moved here permanently, because IGN have stopped reoprting facts and resorted to being nitpicking fanboys. Every week, I go on IGN to read another story about the "Operation Rainfall" games not coming, and God knows how many "3DS is a failure, Nintendo are crap" articles from so called "Professional Gaming Journalists".

The 3DS is an excellent piece of hardware, which unfortunately didn't get the big push it needed, being that the launch games were a bit dissapointing, and the price was a bit too much. IGN jumped right on to it, basically saying it's a failure, and that it has no chance of beating the "wonderful" PS Vita. They've been trying to give them advice, acting as if they understand this more than Nintendo. The console's been out for four months, and already, it's just complaints from them. This is almost as bad as the crap from the UK Sun.

They can't say a nice thing! Nintendo has a price cut, they say "DERP! It didn't work in the past! It's a bad thing. They're going to fail! DERP!" Yesy, Nintendo have been known for cutting the prices of consoles and still not getting them sold IN THE PAST! Nintendo have become a smarter company since then, and this is not the past! If they're gong to talk about the past, how about the more recent past, which had Nintendo selling well over 200 Million Game Consoles in 5 years! They've also been saying that they should've realeased Pokemon Black and White on the 3DS for more sales. The problem with that is that Japan had it in September, the game was already in development on the DS (And a port would be stupid) and because it would sell more on the DS, because people already own it, and it's cheaper.

Then, here's their stupidest Anti-Nintendo article: "Is Nintendo Stealing From Apple?"


............................................................................................................ What?! This is the stupidest article I've ever read put out on a game website by these so called "Journalists". They're basically saying Nintendo has been stealing from Apple long before they had anything to do with each other, for things which kinda', sorta' have their similarities. Funny how they've never once question whether Sony was copying Nintendo.

I've got some of my own advice. For YOU, IGN Editors! If a game console has a few early problems, don't say it's doomed already. It's like preparing a funeral for a young boy with a cold. Maybe wait a little longer than 4 Months before calling it a failure. Also, we get that Nintendo aren't selling the 3DS by the bucketload. You don't have to repeat it over, and over, and over again. Most of all, don't troll and rant, while pretending you're giving constructive criticism.

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