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L.A. Noire: Where do they go from here?

I love Team Bondiís and Rockstarís L.A. Noire. I feel it is an awesome game and a leap forward in emotive storytelling. I also liked the fact that the game was a bait and switch. People expected another GTA style game and the...


How the Game Industry Works

In all forms of entertainment, the aspect of selling commercial art is generally considered a part of the entertainment business. This business as people understand it, has been closing studios, merging properties, removing ...


We Should Expect Better: Game Design

Iíve decided to continue from my last post with a whole series of posts talking about aspects of video games. We as humans tend to have a love for grouping and classifying things. What can we say, we love taxonomy. We primar...


We Should Expect Better: Writing

We live in the age of the story. Mankind, since the dawn of human civilisation, has been host to an ever evolving and changing form of make believe, the narrative. Over hundreds of thousands of years we have refined and perfe...


Burning out on Games

During the summer I experienced a 'Burnout', a point some people get to involving games. Due to the fact that games are interactive longform media, the constant exposure tends to drive people away for periods of time. They at...


Nothing Is Sacred: Blizzard Leaves Me Cold

The game industry is strange and mythical place. Gamers treat the industry like itís the fountain of youth or Shangri-la, a mysterious, hidden place that holds boundless secrets and treasures (though some of these treasures t...


Sample Writing: White Shadow on the Wall

the following is just a sample of prose writing I did about 4 years ago. Just wanted to share it. Just me doing an experiment in weird lyrical, pseudo biblical writing. White Shadow on the Wall Phillip Bastien For long in t...


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