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Buddha avatar 4:44 PM on 09.10.2008  (server time)
A tribute: Calvin and Hobbes

Look at these faces.
How could you not love these faces?
As I was walking around my prison cell of a school, I was wondering what I could write for my oh-so-amazing friend Mr. Destructoid, there were lots of things but nothing so great. Then I thought of it, a tribute! To my all time favorite things, but what could I write about? Calvin and Hobbes of course! My all time favorite thing to read.

I was first introduced to Calvin and Hobbes in the 5th grade at my book fair. I had always been a lover of comics so I went straight to the comic section. There were of course books of Dennis the Menace, Family Circus and Garfield that I had all read before, I then saw the cover for Weirdo’s From another Planet. I had never seen this before in the newspaper before (it was 2001) so I picked it up and began reading. After that, it was history.

Calvin and Hobbes has so much to offer than any other comic, the artwork is fantastic, the hilarity is endless, it tackles topics that not a lot of comics could handle and it just plain rocks. Bill Watterson has created a masterpiece.

This is one of the issues that I am talking about, America’s public school system. I believe Mr. Watterson is spot on with this one. The school system does nothing to prepare for anything worthwhile; all it does is test if you are able to acquire knowledge.

I love this strip. Calvin is attacking the Hunting Industry’s rationalization. “The population has doubled so it’s time to take some out!”
Oh, and also, this appeared in the Funny Papers. Bill Watterson was able to graphically murder someone in the Funny Papers, Kudos Mr. Watterson.

Everyone did this with your toys growing up, do not even deny it. This strip is just Calvin being a 6-year-old kid and it is awesome.

To me, this is one of Calvin’s funniest lines.
“Now what state do you live in?”
Calvin at his best.
Also, Bill Watterson is nothing like other cartoonists. His cartoons are a work of art, not just a bunch of jumbled throw away panels and then the punch line. He uses every bit of space to his full advantage and makes you enjoy every panel of it.
Also, Also, his dinosaur panels are some of his greatest works of art.

Calvin’s snowmen are the best. If I didn’t live in Florida this is what I would be doing every winter.

Another strip of Hobbes’s great philosophy. There are actually a lot of them but I like how he says “We’re here to devour each other alive.” Then Calvin’s look towards the sky, like he’s looking for help.

Calvin and Hobbes is just an amazing comic strip, in my opinion, the best, and a true work of art. Many, many thanks to Mr. Bill Watterson.

These are just bad-ass

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