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Joe Burling avatar 2:33 PM on 06.29.2007  (server time)
Dare I Say... Epic?

Like many, I have a massive number of achievements on my 360. Most of them have long been forgotten but an important few still give me skeet-possibilities when I think about them.

At the top of that omnipotent list of epic achievements sits my proof that I scored 1,000,000 in Geometry Wars. Actually, 1,133,965 to be exact. This is my proudest achievement. It took me a couple months of playing almost daily to break 1,000,000. If I reminisce hard enough I can still remember a time when scoring 100,000 seemed impossible. There may be 25,649 players out there better than me, but I'm still #1 on my friends list. (INSIPIDNEIL is #1 on the world leaderboard with a girl-repelling score 400,001,005.)

Another memorable achievement, despite how easy it was to get, is my Close Quarter Combatant achievement in Call of Duty 3. To get this 100G monster, one must simply get through an entire level without firing a single shot. I worked my way through an earlier level using only grenades and the butt of my gun. What made this achievement so memorable for me was that it challenged me to play the game differently and gave it a fresh new feel. It's like getting strange but in a video game. I think every game should have at least one or two achievements like this.

Providing even more proof that my love knife has not punctured the heart of any sexy female wolves recently are my achievements for finding all agility orbs and hidden orbs in Crackdown. Yes, I used the map to help me find the last few hidden orbs, but I did find all agility orbs on my own. Look, I'll be the first to rip on myself for using a map, but it was necessary to prevent damage to my 360 (which is more than capable of breaking on its own). As far as I know, I'm the only person on my friends list who has found all orbs.

What about you? Which virtual bedpost notches are you most proud of?

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