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Bubbles and Baubles avatar 2:24 AM on 09.15.2009  (server time)
What better way to make a first blog...? PAX

...than writing about a game convention and my favorite hobby?

I haven't completely forgotten the joys of blogging. It's quite reminiscent to the times in which I wrote for a small newspaper. It's been too long, so forgive me for the many grammatical/spelling errors and lack of organization...

Without further ado, I'll continue.


It gets better and better every year. I never realized I had so many gaming buddies!

This year I desperately wanted to bring Yuffie, but it takes way too long to prep for in the mornings. So I comfortably settled for what has to be the easiest outfit of all time: Ling Xiaoyu!
Tekken fans should all know this panda loving fighter!

Since I was working at the Namco booth for Tekken 6, there wasn't much time to frolic within the exhibition halls. I did however get a chance to play Split Second:

At first glance, I thought it would be exactly like Burnout. But the second a plane came crashing down my lane, I knew different. Graphics were amazing (isn't everything graphically amazing nowadays?). Gameplay is quite simple: 1) You race 2) you obtain enough "energy" to trigger catastrophic events. The latter is the real pull-in! Youtube it now--because II'm going to sell my third child to buy this game!

Across from our booth was Ubisoft promoting their upcoming dancing game "Just Dance." (No references to Lady Gaga!) Never fear if you suck at DDR, this game will make you the hottest thing on the dance floor. It's better if you're drunk.

I would love to promote Tekken6, if I didn't fail so badly in the tournament, but ...

ANYWAYS, as a Soul Calibur fan, I used PAX as an opportunity to dress up as Talim. The costume took me a lot longer to make than I thought it would. Mainly due to the massive amount of details on her costume. I'll post pics later.

Oh btw, dressing up as someone you're not is apparently considered COSPLAY.
This nerdy activity has actually gotten me more comfortable in public. As sad as that sounds. Seriously, think twice about how it feels to walk down a street armed with giant weapons.

(My shuriken brings all the pokemon to the yaaard)

I'm relieved to discover that cosplay isn't just for the "anime world." Games have such a variety of unique designs which I love and appreciate dearly. My personal view on this dorky hobby? Cosplay is for the fun, the challenge, and the people.

//RAGE QUIT. Pceout.

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