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Been gaming for many years now. Got my first console (Xbox) in 2002, I think and was playing game son the PC before that.
Love a huge variety of games, my favourites being Dungeon Kepper ( I and II), Freespace (I and II), Halo, Skyrim.

At the moment I'm trying to finish a lot of games on my new Xbox (didnt port over my saves), and Im also playing through Dead Space 2, which isnt scary, but is great nonetheless and reminds me of Doom III. Just finished ME3, loved the ending up until the bit it just sort of, cut out. It was a sad ending, and I wouldnt have had it any other way.

Its taking a bit of a backseat to work for University at the moment, currently studying to hopefully one day be a 3D artist (or just artist) working in the games industry. So we shall see how that goes. There may end up being a lot of thoughts and posts about CG and Game art on this blog :p

@Nihilus27 on Twitter.

A crazy idea.

Willem Dafoe in a saturday Night Fever esque film. Where he makes a literal deal with the DancingDevil in order to win the heart of...that woman. However all is not well as the devil eventually comes to collect from Mr Dafoe and in order to amuse himself makes Dafoe go on a series of hilarious disco dancing murder sprees. This causes aforementioned woman to run away as he is a monster. And Dafoe must conquer the evil inside of him and win back his sweetheart. Think Saturday Night Fever crossed with evil dead and any romantic comedy and you'd be about there :p

Of course all still set to the BeeGees.

Bryan Carr
10:48 PM on 03.16.2012

First post here...not intimidating at all.
(im not a great writer at all, so bear with me)

Playing through it at the moment, and Its not really scary. At all. Its made me jump a few times but even games like Doom III scared me more and made me jump more aswell.

One thing ive noticed is that the third person perspective seems to detract from the atmosphere somewhat, I really like the way theyve integrated the HUD elements into the suit, Its a great idea. However being able to see the character and having that wider FOV makes it less scary because you can see quite clearly when something is coming for you. Being able to see that your character is so heavily armed doesnt help either. And as cool as the HUD may be, the bright lights just make it look pretty...not scary.

It is also too gory to be scary, it ceases to be shocking the first time a necromorph tears you apart, and In a way almost becomes humorous everytime you get chopped up by a door closing on you. The monsters are also not that scary, because they are far too badly disfigured to be relatable as humans anymore, I think it could work if they were morphed to a less extreme degree, so that they were still relatable and we could perhaps empathise with the poor soul that this once was.

Its a great game but with a few tweaks and some different designs could be a scary one.
Because a lot of the environments create a nice atmosphere and are nice but in quite often you end up having gunfights with necromorphs and its more akin to an action game. A great action game.