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Bryan Harmon
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Where most survival MMOs get it wrong

If you are a PC gamer with at least one eye open then you can't miss the trends in gaming over the last few years. Retro games, free-to-play games, voxels and the rise of the survival MMO game. I enjoy all of these genres, es...


Black Gold Online

I'm currently knee deep in Black Gold Online. The game is an MMORPG that just hit open beta a few weeks ago.  The game breaks down into two factions with two completely different worlds to play in based on which faction you ...


About Bryan Harmonone of us since 3:02 PM on 12.05.2013

Connoisseur of fine cheese and video games.

A middle aged grumpy old fart trying to re-live his glory years through digital combat and rec league sports.

I have 2 kids. I play games with one and I wait for the other to nap so I can play games.

I also make video games. Really bad ones. That, one day, will go nowhere. Get to know me and I may force you to play one.


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