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BrittanyG avatar 10:05 PM on 06.08.2012  (server time)
Final Fantasy VIII Challenge Day 1 Part 1

"Procrastination is like're screwing yourself."

Well. It's 8AM, and we're off to a less than promising start.

15 minutes of procrastination, right here:

Please excuse my less than attractive appearance. I swear I don't always look this tragic. Hence, the shades. It's 8AM, gimme a break.

It was a strange progression of feelings:

Step 1) All is good

Step 2) *Gasp* Wait! I'm soooo not ready for this. I have to do this all in 7 days?!

Step 3) Now I'm a little anxious

Step 4) Fuck this game

Until I finally ended up here:

Step 5) Grrrrr

Yeah...this is gonna be a long process. Well, enough procrastinating. Lets do this.......after I check my Twitter, and maybe Facebook......and I might as well check for a system update, I mean you never know.

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