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I'm quite the gamer girl. I'm only 17, so the first game I ever played (or watched someone play) was Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. That was really my introduction to gaming. But my actual taste in games goes way back to the '80s. This is because the first game I REALLY played was Final Fantasy X. I saw my aunt playing it once and I was immediately hooked. But then it occurred to me, "Wait...this is Final Fantasy TEN! There are nine more games just like this one?!?!" So I did my research, and now I own every main Final Fantasy game (besides 11 and 14 because MMO's suck) and a good deal of spinoffs. I guess you could say I'm a JRPG junkie, and one of the last people standing for this dying genre.

BUT, my gaming knowledge does not stop at slinging magic spells and slapping hulking enemies in the face with a fucking blitzball. I've tried my hand at it, but I'm not really a fan of the first person shooter. Third person shooters are where it's at. A personal favorite being the Uncharted series among others. I'm an extreme advocate for the JRPG, but WRPGs intrigue me. I've lost hours of my life to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the Mass Effect series changed the way I look at video games.

Systems Owned: PS, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DS, and too many gameboys to count.

Favorite Games: Most Final Fantasies (ABSOLUTELY EXCLUDING FINAL FANTASY 8 AND X-2), Uncharted Series, Mass Effect Series, Sonic before he fell off, obviously anything Mario, strangely Star Ocean, Skyrim, and various other titles.

Wishlist: The Last of Us, Far Cry 3, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Dawnguard?


"Procrastination is like're screwing yourself."

Well. It's 8AM, and we're off to a less than promising start.

15 minutes of procrastination, right here:

Please excuse my less than attractive appearance. I swear I don't always look this tragic. Hence, the shades. It's 8AM, gimme a break.

It was a strange progression of feelings:

Step 1) All is good

Step 2) *Gasp* Wait! I'm soooo not ready for this. I have to do this all in 7 days?!

Step 3) Now I'm a little anxious

Step 4) Fuck this game

Until I finally ended up here:

Step 5) Grrrrr

Yeah...this is gonna be a long process. Well, enough procrastinating. Lets do this.......after I check my Twitter, and maybe Facebook......and I might as well check for a system update, I mean you never know.
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*sigh* I've been thinking long and hard about this. Even games that everyone generally assumes to suck has SOME kind of fanbase. Granted, it's the minority. But where does that leave the majority?

Case in point: Final Fantasy VIII (I apologize in advance to anyone who gets offended by this...only not really)

Personally, I. Cannot. Stand. This. Game. BUT, there are some people that swear this game is actually good! Don't believe me? Go to any game site, and I do mean ANY, and you're sure to find that one outcast who has convinced themselves that Final Fantasy VIII is THE best of the ENTIRE series. (What a concept right?) Granted, I've played through the whole thing a grand total of one time, but I've made several attempts to play it once more, only to eventually abandon my playthrough because of lack of......any feeling other than irritation to be quite honest. (Usually revolving around D-District Prison)

Above: This is one floor in the D-District Prison. Which floor? I don't know...because all 12 floors look the exact fucking same!

But all of that changes now dammit. For some reason I can't pinpoint, (call it desperation, possibly for lack of anything better to do) I've decided to put myself through 7 days of hell. I'm going to force myself to play through the entirety of Final Fantasy VIII. Why? To see if I can convince myself to become part of the minority.

Throughout my time with the game, I will be blogging on the initial thoughts I had when I first played the game, and why my opinion has or has not changed after playing certain sections of it.

Call me crazy, but I welcome the challenge. If other people can look past the grating characters, nonscensical love story, contrived villains, absolutely piece of shit card game, and convoluted battle system, why can't I?

Pray for me. If you're into that sort of thing.
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By now, many of you have seen Square-Enix's "Agni's Philosophy -- FINAL FANTASY REALTIME TECH DEMO" If not, view it here before you read any further.


Now examine this exchange:

After viewing this, I posted my own opinionated reflection on the video and speculated a little on Square-Enix's plans. Someone who can only be identified as the typical "Final Fantasy VII Fanboy," AKA Snowflake Pillow (wtf?), AKA The Douche, decided it would be necessary to make a completely sarcastic comment about Square-Enix's failure to produce a Final Fantasy VII remake after all the hoopla THAT tech demo caused. If by some chance you've been living under a rock for the last six years and you still haven't seen it, check it out here:


Like I state in my comment, the producer of Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase, stated:

"It took 3-4 years to make Final Fantasy XIII with this quality level, making Final Fantasy VII like Final Fantasy XIII would take 10 times the time and money therefore it is a difficult project to start immediately. However, we always keep the many requests in mind.

There you have it. I could've been a complete asshole and cited that shit in my comment, but being an asshole over YouTube isn't exactly my thing. I'm not here to piss creepy fanboys off, but I AM here to offer an analytically frustrating view on the relationship between Square and the fanboys they created.

Truth is, we would all welcome a Final Fantasy VII remake, but realistically, fanboys are so damn unappreciative, that I'm not sure it would go over as well as we all think it would. TRUST ME when I say that from 1997 to now, people have studied and MASTERED this game. You are crazy and delusional if you don't think fanboys will start riots if even a single Turtles' Paradise poster is out of place.

That brings me to my next point: the minigames. Either you loved them, hated them, or they didn't add or take away anything from your experience with the game. What about their fates?

Exhibit A:

That dreadful marching minigame you encounter during Rufus' parade. Now how is THAT gonna translate over for a remake. Surely something as irrelevant and tedious as this can afford to be cut out of the remake right?.....Wrong? Okay....

Exhibit B:

Post-death snowboarding? Yeahhhh that's a little iffy. This is one of the major minigames associated with Final Fantasy VII, but the pacing of the original was a little wacked. Honestly, if the remake is to be highly realistic, how can you justify happily snowboarding down a freaking mountain after Aerith just got fucking impaled with a six foot Masamune? (Seriously, this can't be a spoiler by now.)

Exhibit C:

Not a minigame, but still a very good point. Obviously Aerith's voice actor isn't gonna say "This guy are sick." But technicalities aside, mistranslations were part of the fun of playing the original game. Off course the mistranslations would be fixed in the remake, and that should make all of us a little sad.

Exhibit D:

If you're still bawling your eyes out over this, this section probably isn't for you. Just skip ahead my over sensitive darlings.

Aerith. Poor Aerith. Square has gotten considerably more bold with their portrayals of graphic violence over the years, but as far as I know, no Final Fantasy title has yet to be given the M rated seal. Besides that one little ending scene in Crisis Core and the majority of Type-0 I hear, I haven't observed anything from Square pertaining to Final Fantasy that would be considered gory by any definition of the word. Clearly, someone getting impaled through the gut is gonna yield some gory results. So if you still sob at the sight of Aerith's bloodless death, maybe a complete realistic remake wouldn't be for you. Don't get me wrong, of course there are ways to get around this, like using different camera angles for example. BUT I highly doubt Final Fantasy VII fanboy purists would accept that.

Honestly, I could write all day on this subject. But Iet me make this clear: I have no opinion on this whatsoever. Make a remake, don't make a remake, it doesn't really make a difference to me. And that's coming from a hardcore Final Fantasy fan. I just want the world to consider the possibility that being careful what you wish for can save a lot of heartache and disappointment in the end.
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