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Brittany Vincent avatar 5:05 PM on 04.04.2014  (server time)
Thought I Was Hot, Guess What! I'm Not: Hellooooo, Destructoid!

Hey there, space cats! Welcome to Brittany's Swingin' Report Show! You may have seen my tentacles slithering into the various crevices of Destructoid, spreading creep and spawning Overlords to do my bidding, but mainly writing some news and whatnot here and there. I figured it was my royal duty as Queen to make a formal introduction, especially given my increased visibility around these parts. 

My name's Brittany. You can call me Molotov Cupcake, or Queen Bee. It's possible you may remember me as Rampancy from back in my early Dtoid days, but if not then I've just given you the go-ahead to forever hound me about my blatant Marathon/Halo obsession back in 2009. I lied, that wasn't just in 2009. I still dig Marathon: Durandal. My portfolio's called Pfhor the Win. I ain't cool. 

I'm actually not new to the Destructoid family, as I'm the community manager over at Japanator. Lots of fine folks over there and you should be coming over and hanging out, especially if you like Chinese cartoons. Tim, Josh, Karen, L.B., Elliot, and the rest of the crew bust their butts to make it an awesome place to work, and I'm over there too, so come say hi! Every month I choose a winner from the c-blogs to win some animu, and I know you guys like free stuff. So best get your butts over there and get writin'. 

You probably have a pretty good feel of what I'm like from my news, but THIS JUST IN: I'm so zetta diverse. I like pleasure spiked with pain, and my favorite Bjork song is "Aeroplane." I'm into Carlo Von Sexron and David Lynch. Video games, anime, and horror are my greatest passions. I also have a lot of tattoos, like the Godhand brand from Berserk, Purple Tentacle, Lammy, a moogle, and the Mass Effect renegade star.

I also write about games. Like, a lot. You may have seen me around IGN, Kotaku, GameSpot, GamesRadar, Joystiq, Complex, G4, Kill Screen, or one of several other outlets where I do my best to assimilate the video game media so that I might become Locutus of the industry. And now I'm in your base, makin' it so with all your dudes.

I hope this is the beginning of a filthy/gorgeous friendship, and look forward to bringing you vidya game information in some capacity. In the meantime, feel free to harass me, as I will always be ready with a witty retort and a sarcastic remark. 


Brittany Stormborn of House Japanator, Queen of the Weeaboos and the First Otaku, Khaleesi of the Great Plains, Breaker of Bust A Groove 2 Jewel Cases, and Mother of Niche/Rare Games

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