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10:52 PM on 06.01.2008

Another Picture-less Mega NARP Recap

So since I don't have pictures because I didn't have my camera the whole night and I'm bored in the hotel watchin Ron play with his balls, I figured I'd just write my re-cap asap before I put it off for too long like my last non-existent narp re-cap.

I wanna start off by saying this whole thing was freakin awesome and I'm so glad I got to be apart of it and be able to meet everyone. The dtoid community is seriously one of the best groups of people ever. I've been to a LOT of gamer events in the past few years, and none of them have been as fun as Dtoid parties. No drama, no awkwardness, tons of alchi, tons of gay jokes, EVERYONE has fun, and most of all I've never felt more comfortable with people I've never met or even talked to in my life. Fuckin awesome.

I want to apologize if I was a lil intense last night. Sorry for over humpage and boobie hugs. Sorry to any girls I might have over molested. Hopefully I didn't scar anybody for life... :/

shoutouts... (If I forget peeps, it's prob cuz I met you when I was drunk, or we didnt' talk enough... Or my memory just fuckin sucks.) Sowy :(

Bunny - my fav blow-up doll eva! <3 and re-enacting the GTAIV Strip club scene IRL was freakin awesome. Me likey :P
Meme's vag - Property of Britini
Ron - broke his hand :(
Swifty and Cheeburga - sexiest triplets EVER <33333
Matt - We have the Coolest jackets ever. I wish we could have made an epic "ASK Swifty" video, but :,( BFF's fo lyfe! I am definitely more dorky than you
chee wants my ding dong
Bongdonkey - thanks for the ride and glad we got to chill again. Gorilla
Coonskin - I freakin LOVE you. and best hugs ever
Tazar - is hard to spin... but a very sexy dancer.
Puppet ... Strangely nice? in person and ur freakin cute
Mandie and Suffocat - LA & Cinci NARP... Which one's betta??? CINCIIIIIII (sowy LA)
BigPopaGamer - you're awesome
azn with 5 names and I pathetically can't remember one of em >.<
azn joe - Doesn't like 20 people showing up at his door at 3am with sticker rape
Zserv - isn't legal... and might remember me for the rest of his life... (or maybe just parts of me) :/ PS: Cheats at COD4 by playing against drunk girls.
Rio - I vaguely remember molesting you at the end of the night... and I remember it was good :P
Joe Burlin - is getting butt raped as soon as his sleeping pill kicks in. and 3rd fav blow up doll
CanibalCalvin - is freakin sweet
PetiePal - glad I got to meet you :D
Nico Belic - one dollar Jello shots rule
Austin Powers lookin guy - awesome lapdance
cute girlfriend of someones who loves dancing dirty with me and who I signed at the end of the night <3
Dude who took over the swag table for me so I could drink more - you're freakin awesome.
Gamestop girls - Gamestop girls rule! Normal girls fuckin suck.
Keener - was givin me shit for something... but can't remember what >.<
Ron's hot friend with big titties - very nice :P
(community manager of infinity ward) - I WILL beat you at COD4 :P
random handicap guy who broke his leg falling 3 stories off a cliff... You are very lucky man
thanks to Rockstar, Cod4 and Ninja Gaidens. You make my insides feel funny <3

I'll think of more peeps when my memory starts coming back, or when you guys remind me >.<

PS: I lied... I do have one picture of the triplets. awe...
(why am I smiling like a scary person?)

and me and MeMe

and ron made a boo boo :(

(these are the only pics I have... so if you guys have more and post them, tell me cuz I prob won't see them. Hopefully there isn't TOO bad of pictures :/ )

PSS: Everyone that was at NARP who isn't already on my fl on myspace, add me pwz :)   read

6:32 PM on 05.09.2008

Hot For GTA IV?

Internet famous Youtube entertainer, Miss HotForWords recently made a video talking about how she's been playing Grand Theft Auto IV lately. I haven't seen any videos from her that have to do with games, so when I saw this I thought it was pretty cool that she would make one involving this video game. She apparently loves it, but can't figure out how to use the Molotov Cocktails without burning herself up. I guess I haven't got that far in the game yet because I haven't seen any, but I'm sure some of you know what she's talking about. She then explains the origin of the term Molotov Cocktail. The best part of the video (besides the fact that she's hawt) is that the whole thing is in Russian which I think is the sexiest language ever. :P enjoy

[embed]85354:11188[/embed]   read

10:35 PM on 06.04.2007

Shadowrun - What I REALLY think of the game

Long story short... I had very HIGH expectations for this game, but I was sadly disappointed. Unlike most, who had low expectations at first, then changed their minds after playing.
But for me...
After playing the beta for a couple weeks, I got tired of it. BUT I knew that once the game was finished that I would be hooked for months, maybe even years. At my job, I'd always talk about how fun and competitive it was going to be and how it would most likely dominate Halo 2 and other very competitive games. This is because I was under the impression that there would be more to the game after the Beta.

I was wrong. VERY wrong. Not much has changed AT ALL since the beta besides a few extra maps. I'm not really a campaign type of person, so I don't mind the lack of story mode so much, although it would be nice. So that's not what my complaint is. My complaint is... It's strictly a multi player game. That's cool and all, but there is basically ONE gametype. That's it. ONE. (Ya.. I know there's two, but honestly... how much difference is there between the two? Close to none.) If you're going to make a strictly multi-player game, then shouldn't there atleast be more gametypes? More options? More SOMETHING?! Anything! Maybe even the option to create your own gametype and change things besides just the maps. They give you NOTHING to work with. You play the exact same gametype over... and over... and over again.

The awesome thing about this game and the reason why I loved it so much at first was how different it is and how competitive and fun it is. If you don't like it at first, it's because you have to figure out the controls and stuff. Once you figure out everything and realize what you're doing, it turns into an awesome game. I love how you have so many different things to choose from in picking your character and what he does. You first pick a race. Each race has it's different advantages and disadvantages. Then you can pick your weapon, your magic, and what tech stuff you want to use. Which is really cool because basically no two people would have the EXACT same character and it makes it more interesting. Then you have to make sure your teammates aren't the exact same and whatnot, which makes it really competitive between teams because the better combination has a better chance of winning. (ie: if your whole team is a bunch of dwarfs with the exact same weapons and stuff compared to a well balanced team... Your chances of winning is pretty low.)

Basically... I LOVE the thought behind the game and what is ACTUALLY THERE is freakin awesome, but I was expecting SO much more.

I hear that there will be updates coming, which I hope come out very soon. There's a bunch of other annoying lil bugs and stuff that need fixing as well. As of right now... I'm not satisfied at all. This frustrates me so much because they basically let a really good game go bad. Very bad. If things change and things are fixed/added then I would love to buy this game and play the shit out of it, but right now... I don't feel like wasting 60 bucks.
Just my thoughts on the game so far... :)

PS: yes, I am aware that my top banner looks effed up. I'm having it remade.   read

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