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Bricfa's blog

12:24 PM on 08.12.2007

Analysing the Killzone 2 footage: Hit the jump for hawt soldier-on-soldier porn

sjaakiejj, over at the gametrailers forums made an in depth post going into the details of the Killzone 2 footage from E3. Some of the things he noted: - At least 6 types of enimies - At least 4 (maybe 5) weapons ...   read

6:16 PM on 07.19.2007

I take back every thing I said - Resident Evil 4 is awesome.

So I said some not so nice things about RE4 in my last blog post. I take them all back. This game is indeed made of win. I have just gotten past the first boss (Giant lake monster). It was freaking awesome. I apologize to all those I might have offended by disrespecting this game. Bye the way, is the Uzi worth getting?   read

7:59 PM on 07.18.2007

Seriously, What is so great about Resident Evil 4?

I was just watching Xplay's Top 10 games ever special. While I wasn't expecting a superb list, their #1 pick really bugs me. As the title subtly hinted at, I am talking about RE4. Try as I might, I cannot comprehend why this ...   read

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