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12:24 PM on 08.12.2007

Analysing the Killzone 2 footage: Hit the jump for hawt soldier-on-soldier porn

sjaakiejj, over at the gametrailers forums made an in depth post going into the details of the Killzone 2 footage from E3.

Some of the things he noted:

- At least 6 types of enimies

- At least 4 (maybe 5) weapons

- Power lines sway in the wind

- "X" button is context sensitive

- when you kneel down you are more accurate. (aiming reticule gets smaller)

- Cannot shoot while sprinting

- First person cover system

- Use of Ironsights

- features checkpoint system (big suprise there)

Hit the link for pictures, and the full analysis   read

6:16 PM on 07.19.2007

I take back every thing I said - Resident Evil 4 is awesome.

So I said some not so nice things about RE4 in my last blog post. I take them all back. This game is indeed made of win. I have just gotten past the first boss (Giant lake monster). It was freaking awesome. I apologize to all those I might have offended by disrespecting this game.

Bye the way, is the Uzi worth getting?   read

7:59 PM on 07.18.2007

Seriously, What is so great about Resident Evil 4?

I was just watching Xplay's Top 10 games ever special. While I wasn't expecting a superb list, their #1 pick really bugs me. As the title subtly hinted at, I am talking about RE4. Try as I might, I cannot comprehend why this game is so acclaimed.

Early this year EB games was selling RE4 cheap. I had given my uncle a copy for the previous Christmas, and he said it turned out to be one of the best games he had ever played. I had read good reviews, so I decided to pick it up.

When i put it in my Ps2, it started out promising enough. it looked good for a ps2 game. Then I started playing it. I immediately disliked the movement controls, but That didn't deter me. I til I got to my first crazy villager. The aiming system turned out to be just as awkward as the movement. you have to fight against the avatar to aim where you wish to. Not only that, but you cannot move while aiming. I didn't play well through this first bit, and I ended up dying twice. I gave up on it for a little while, and played something else.

Shortly after buying the game, I finally got my Ps3. So I got into resistance and forgot about RE4. A few days ago I was going through my old Ps2 games. I decided to give Re4 another spin since I had never actually played the game.

I figured out a few new things - you can run, and kick stunned enimies. that helped some, but I still didn't like the movement controls. anyway I learned from playing it earlier that I couldn't just walk into the middle of this town, so I sneaked (snuck isn't a word?) around the side, I had to get buy this woman who saw me. I knew if I used my gun the other not zombies would detect me. So I tried to use the knife. It turned out to be utterly fucking useless, so I ended up shooting her again. I dashed for the gate. Where I found a guy with a chainsaw, and a paper bag over his head. I shot him a few times, but that didn't phase him at all. Then he chainsawed my head off. I tried again, same thing. IN still had no idea how to get past that area, So I said fuck this, and I fired up Burnout 3.

I am amazed that this game is so beloved when I hate it so. I am sure I could eventually figure out how to get past there, but I don't care. The game has very clumsy controls, and is very cheap/unclear what you are supposed to do, at least in the beginning. Seriously, what the fuck is so great about this game?   read

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