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Brian Szabelski avatar 2:04 AM on 06.22.2010  (server time)
What'd You Get? - Post E3 Edition

That image pretty much sums up what E3 was all about this year, doesn't it? Well, that, and this video:

So, now that we've gotten all of that E3 business out of the way, it's time for me to once again ask the community blogs about what you guys got this week or so in video game things. I'm sure some of you hit up the Steam sale EA was throwing this week (I did not) and some of you probably have gone out to put down preorders for games (I will be doing that once my move is complete for Gran Turismo 5's Collectors Edition, even though I do not currently have a PS3. Think of it as an incentive).

Or, if you're me, you decided to hop back onto Champions Online for a month to check out the updates you haven't touched since you put the game down six months ago when you capped out and got immediately bored of it. And now you're starting to get bored of it again because you're halfway through the new stuff.

Or maybe you're like me and finally bought Castle Crashers because you were waiting to see if it'd go on sale. It did, and the sale is ongoing for today, so if you don't have it, GO BUY IT ALREADY.

Unfortunately, that's it for me this time around in gaming stuff. Nothing quite coming over the horizon just yet, and if the Engineer update for Team Fortress 2 comes along, then ... well, I'll be busy for a bit.

So that's all I got this week, guys and gals. What'd all of you get?

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