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Brian Szabelski avatar 2:44 PM on 05.17.2010  (server time)
What'd You Get? - Control Issues Edition

To say I've been busy last week would only be partially right, because I've also been feeling not so well. Thankfully, I'm better today and I'm able to actually post What'd You Get? for this week. Rejoice!

As per usual, to join in the fun, tell us what you got this week. Gaming-related preferred, but heck, if you got something real nice, go ahead and brag about it here, too :) I won't mind, but some of the other Dtoiders might. :p

This week, I bought two shiny new controllers for my Xbox 360. Well, one's wired and I'll be using it for PC games as needed, too, so that was part of the reason behind it. The other one, of course, being that I've only had one controller for the last, what, 2, 3 years I've owned my 360, so outside of Rock Band, I haven't been able to play any multiplayer games on my own 360 without people bringing controllers.

So the new controllers are all for me this week, as I skipped on games to save up a little bit for other things and pay some bills. What did all of you get?

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