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Brian Szabelski avatar 12:53 AM on 05.03.2010  (server time)
The one thing Pokemon Black/White needs ...

So, earlier tonight, I was reading this interesting article at The Kartel about possible changes that would make the upcoming Pokemon Black/White more ineresting. It's not a bad read and there's some good suggestions in there, but there's one in particular that caught my eye: a more engaging story.

Now, The Kartel simply wants a longer story that goes all the way through the game and doesn't end with the defeat of an evil organization at or before the last gym. Seems simple, right?

No. That's not enough. What Pokemon Black/White needs is a NEW storyline that does not lean on the tired old story that's been recycled and regurgitated in many forms throughout the Pokemon series. It needs to be engaging and compelling, yes, but it also needs to be a bit different. Not radically different, mind you (Mario has gotten away with using the same basis for decades, yet each game is different enough story-wise to feel fresh), but just varied enough to be something cool and new.

So yes, there will be a rival. There will be an evil organization that wants to destroy the world/rule the world/capture all Pokemon. But there needs to be a new element, something that says, "Hey, this is why you need to play this game!"

The only problem is right now, I have a hundred ideas running through my mind, none of them concrete, and on top of it all, I'm not even sure what you fellow Pokefans out there would want to see as a new element in Pokemon Black/White's story. Because, let's face it, the game's got to sell well or this whole new story element idea gets shelved forever for the next Pokemon games.

So let me ask you guys and gals out there: if there's a new element to the Pokemon story for Black/White, what should it be?

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