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Brian Szabelski avatar 2:13 AM on 10.25.2010  (server time)
Should games that have major updates get updated reviews?

Every once in a while, I find a post I started writing and never finished. Tonight's one of those nights. So I present, to you, the Dtoid C-Blog readers of the world, one such post, written a while ago but perhaps important because it's now a subject that affects me what to do with games that get major patches/updates. Not DLC, mind you, but fixes for problems that were present in the game in the first place. And this is relevant to me now because I reviewed one such game — F1 2010 — which I may have scored higher if the bugs Codemasters are fixing now were never present.

The original post was inspired by Backbreaker's massive update a few months ago, essentially fixing problems and complaints that dragged the game's score down in a number of reviews I read. But it's still timely, and will be in the future as more post-game patching is done on the likes of New Vegas and others (though New Vegas sscored so highly, it may not affect it much).

So here it all is, open for debate. Please feel free to discuss any part of this post in the comments. I might just reply if you
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