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Brian Szabelski avatar 12:22 AM on 05.21.2010  (server time)
Late Night Entertainment: The Beauty of Headstomps

Many of you probably know by now that I play Team Fortress 2. Most of my time is spent on 2fort2furious, which I've been a part of for about a year and a half now. There's a lot of custom additions to the server, but one of the most interesting ones happens to be a little something called the goomba stomp:

Originally on our server and later added to some other servers who made a similar code, the goomba stomp is pretty simple: land on an opponent's head from a certain height and it kills them. It's not easy to do because it requires you to hit the opposing player right on top of his head most times and missing a goomba not only hurts you badly, but it puts you right in the way of the guy you just tried to stomp.

Most veteran players on 2f2f have between 50 and 200. I myself have just over 100 to my name.

Then there's inzo. As of today, he's got over 2800 such goomba stomps, more than 5 times the second person on the list.

No, that's not a typo. In fact, he does it enough that he's been able to put together a short video of a week in his life on the server (both on the main and prophunt servers) showing off some of his stomps. And some of them are mindblowing. Check it out and let me know what you guys think:

BONUS: I also happen to be one of his victims. See if you can spot me.

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