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Brian Szabelski avatar 1:58 AM on 11.09.2010  (server time)
Gran Turismo 5 intro leaked (w/thoughts)

That, which you see above, is the leaked intro to Gran Turismo 5. Really. It was first up on GTPlanet, but Sony's since sent letters out to pull it down. Unfortunately, it's out there now ahead of the game's release (now believed to be at the end of November ... maybe just in time for Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving?) and I'm sure this video will disappear in due time. So for now, watch it while you can.

So, what do I think? As a fan of racing games and the Gran Turismo series, it's a mixed bag. The intro with the car building footage is cool ... but it runs too long. Maybe chop a minute of that stuff out of it and we're good. And the actual editing of the footage is very tight and looks great throughout the 6 or so minutes this goes on for.

But then, it gets worse.

The new My Chemical Romance song is just ... ugh, really? If not for the fact they're one of the biggest bands Sony has signed, I doubt they'd seriously have this as the theme. In fact, if I could have had my choice of any song, it would have been the appropriately car-themed "White Knuckle Ride" by Jamiroquai off their new album. And as any Top Gear fan knows, lead singer Jay Kay is an avid fan of automobiles. The only problem with that is that Jamiroquai and Sony had a very heated, very public break-up after their record deal ended, and suffice to say, the two sides do not like each other very much. So there's no way in hell this will ever happen and I'll be forced to just turn down the volume every time I see the intro.

The game, though, looks great. Hopefully, when I get my PS3, I'll still be excited about this game and the intro will just be something I can look past as a single flaw on an otherwise great title.

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