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Brian Szabelski avatar 10:43 PM on 05.18.2008  (server time)
Does It Suck? - The Contest - The Winners!

So, I promised I'd get to this sooner, but I got sidetracked. However, I'm not delaying this anymore, as the winner and runners-up for the Does It Suck Contest are announced!

Now, I mentioned there were some categories I was judging in, but I didn't really mention them too much. That was on purpose, because I didn't want people to only write a certain way and try to get more points. I wanted people to try and do what they thought was their best job without the points coming into effect. But here were the four categories I judged on:

Content - You picked a game, included an analysis of the different parts of the game (with pictures and/or video), gave us your thoughts in an original manner and wrapped it in a neat little package.

Style - How exactly did you write? Did you try and put your own unique twist on it? Did you just copy-pasta me? Did you create something unique? Was it in legible English and not in the style of a 13-year-old on AIM, something that would have surely pissed me the fuck off? I mean, come on, most of you guys aren't that little, right? You've been through high school or college or something, right? Why the hell do people think it's cool to write like this when they're 25? Well, it's NOT! For Pete's sake-

Oh, sorry. Rambled there. Anyways...

Basic requirements - If my basic structure was followed, that was bonus points, but all of the entries ended up following my format, so this really became a neutral point.

Humor - Not only the jokes that were used, but how much they made me laugh. A Does It Suck? feature can feature humorous anecdotes or humorous takes on a game, and if you incorporated these and actually made me laugh out loud, it scored big points. This one, I think, actually broke the log jam at the top of my list and helped me pick the clear winner.

Speaking of which, it's time to announce the winner of the contest and the runners-up. They are:

Winner: the GAMEGOBLIN (for his review of the Xbox 360's Turok)

First runner-up: pendleton21 (for his review of the Nintendo DS' Magical Starsign)

Second runner-up: riomccarthy (for her review of the Nintendo Wii's Octomania)

Congratulations to all the winners! Your prizes will be shipping out as soon as I get a chance to collect what I need for them. Hopefully I'll be doing this sometime this week, but I'll update you if things change.

Still, even though they didn't win, there were several other awesome entries form community members, and I want to highlight all of them right now:

BlackSheep's Master of Illusion entry

mistic's The Club entry

cjpkiller's Earth Defense Force 2017 entry

FlatTopJesus' Two Worlds entry

power-glove's Tech Romancer entry

Thanks to everyone for your entries! I really was worried no one would give a crap, but I was surprised by the number of entries I got. :)

Also, expect a new Does It Suck? feature to show up on my blog in the coming days. I'm really looking forward to writing this one, too. Here's a hint: stay on track, don't look back.

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