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Brian Keljore avatar 11:08 PM on 06.24.2009  (server time)
SimToid: Perhaps You Should Invest In Locks

Welcome back. When we last left, Sim Kacie drank until she was tired and headed to bed. Let's see what happened after that.

Croc broke a toilet, and thought it was funny.

Hey, let's all watch Psycho have an adventure.

It appears that Kacie and myself stole Psycho and Naia's room.

Psycho decided to share the room with Aerox. Oh hey, Bunny is taking a bath.

Naia is apparently very artistic.

Bunny really likes checking himself out.

He seriously went from mirror to mirror in the house.

And then he went jogging in a tux.

Kacie's up. Is it just me, or is she looking lovingly at me?

Oh wow, she's making actual food.

She actually burned the crap out of them, so she had Naia's left over burnt to crap waffles instead. Along with Bunny, when is he going to go to sleep anyways?

Other people are waking up now, so Kacie decides to start drinking.

Croc prepares for another day of not wearing pants while Bunny searches for a place to sleep undisturbed.

Oh hey, its Croc's turn to burn waffles.

Naia continues her artistic pursuits. She finishes off the painting before going off to work on her guitar skills.

Aerox found Croc mess from the day before and decided to clean it up.

Bunny had a funk cloud coming off him, so he attempted to take a bath. Psycho wanted to talk to him though and just walked right in, causing Bunny to flee.

Oh wait... she just wanted to steal the bathtub. Bunny spent the rest of the day trying to find an unoccupied bathroom.

This seemed to be a theme for the day though, as later, Aerox walked right in on Naia as she bathed.

Oh hey, everyone's gaming.

Bed time. Am I watching Kacie sleep before I go to bed? Is something going to happen here?

It looks like Croc and Psycho are sharing a room now. This confuses Aerox, so he heads into the next room to sleep.

Wait .. what's going on here? Apparently Naia forgave Aerox for the peeping incident, as she got into bed with him rather than take one of the two available beds.

And we leave the sims today after observing a triumphant Bunny as he finally got his bath now that everone is in bed.

Stay tuned kids. We'll be back at my earliest convenience.

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