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Brian Keljore's blog

8:39 PM on 09.02.2008

Feel the Hatred: The Direction of the Industry as a Whole.

Okay, bear with me. I know that this is a rather broad topic, but as a person who's been playing games since he was 5 (giving me 20 years experience), I have a lot I feel bitter about. Since about 2004 or 2003(I am honest...   read

11:19 PM on 09.01.2008

Now more bitter about missing PAX

Aw man... Felicia Day? Really? I really wish I could have been there.   read

2:35 PM on 08.31.2008

(NVGR) The Pen is Mightier: Meet the Party

A while back I made a post in which I reexamined my view on Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition and promised to make updates on the game I would take part in. After three sessions, we finally have a stable group of players and I...   read

12:12 AM on 08.31.2008

Full Metal Alchemist: FFVI Edition?

This is really well done.... wtf?   read

4:33 PM on 08.15.2008

Another example of parents failing when it comes to gaming. For those of you too lazy to read, the kid's parents let him drop out from high school so he can stay at home and play Guitar Hero. I cannot find the words to express my disgust.   read

4:39 PM on 07.21.2008

(NVGR) The Pen is Mightier: Brian Reexamins His Views on 4th Edition

A while back, I was quite upset about the announcement of Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition. Understandably so, since Wizards of the Coast boasted that it would play significantly different from 3rd (or 3.5) edition. I had ...   read

7:00 PM on 06.24.2008


Here is my half hearted attempt. Also, this was not done by me but I found it amusing and appropriate. Just wait until you see the end of round three.   read

2:18 PM on 06.17.2008

The Start of the Affair: Final Fantasy VII

When I read this month's “Monthly Musing” theme, I took my time before rushing off to write the article. At first, I thought about writing about what first got me interested in video games (Atari 2600) but decided agai...   read

11:44 AM on 05.21.2008

Today is a good day.

I have been pretty quiet here lately, but not without good reason. I finished up school at the start of this month and had not heard word one about my potential graduation. Well today, it is finally official. I have obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. This brings waves of relief as it makes my job hunting so much more effective.   read

9:03 PM on 05.09.2008

It appears there is some logic in the world. Well it appears they backed down a bit from that stupid 10 activation thing and moved on to something a bit more reasonable. Still, it will be hard to beat that negative press.   read

1:34 PM on 04.28.2008

Brian's Ending to MGS4

Last week contained heavy themes of Metal Gear for me. After listening to both Podtoid and RetroforceGO!, I found myself looking into the future and wondering what MGS4 will be like. With all the speculation, I jokingly ca...   read

3:56 AM on 04.16.2008

Don't worry ma'am, I'm from the internet.

So after my last post, I got to thinking about how online gaming can usually bring out the worst in people. We are all guilty of it at one point or another, whether it is spamming voice chat, flaming in text channels, or g...   read

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