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Brett Makedonski's blog
destructoid  Associate Editor

6:35 PM on 12.22.2015

This is going to be the loneliest Xmas of my life, AMA

It's been a long year, friends. I'm tired. Oh so tired. A post that normally takes me 30 minutes to write might take an hour right now. I don't think I'm alone in this; feels like most the staff is looking forward t...   read

2:23 PM on 07.15.2014

Kyle drew me as a parrot!

I didn't choose the parrot life, Kyle chose it for me.   read

10:36 PM on 02.12.2013

Gather 'round, It's group hug time

Waves nervously Hi, Destructoid! My name is Brett Makedonski, and I'm incredibly damn excited to be a new contributor on the Dtoid team. Since there's already a (probably much cooler) Brett in these neck of the woods, you ca...   read

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