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A Time To Build: Organizing Tournaments

First, let me get this out in the open: I'm not that artistic of a person, but I've always loved creative things. When I was a young child, I wanted to work for Disney as an Imagineer creating rides for their theme parks. ...


Rose in SFIV? More likely than you think

I haven't seen this on Destructoid, but it's been all over SRK. According to Street Fighter Blog, the final character select screen for the console version of Street Fighter is as follows: For me, this seems to make sense...


I Hate Sleep

When I work the desk at my University's archival library, it gives me much time to think. Usually it's about games. Well, mostly. :P One thing that I have been particular about all my life is sleep. I HATE SLEEP To me, sle...


SFIV Console Character Roundup

We finally have some more screens. These were taken from 4chan. Looks like we so far have Dan, Sakura, Cammy, Fei Long, and Gen. We've seen enough Sakura, so I didn't put anymore of her. Plus, I can't stand her. Persona...


Words Cannot Express My Horror

I came across this one day a while back. No seriously, WTF? I can't decide which one is the worst. I know many of you may have already seen these, but this is just too good not to pass along. If anyone knows the backstory of these, please fill us all in. We'd love to know.


Street Fighter IV Tier List

Recently, a tier list for Street Fighter IV was revealed: GOD TIER: Sagat HIGH TIER: Dictator (M. Bison), Ryu, Zangief MID TIER: Akuma, Boxer (Balrog), Rufus, Blanka, Chun Li, Ken, Abel, Guile LOW TIER: Dhalsim, Viper, Honda...


Street Fighter IV US Boxart Revealed

Straight from streetfighter.com Personally, I'd rather have had the arcade poster with Ryu and Ken or something similar to Street Fighter Anniversary Collection's cover. But it's good nonetheless. Thoughts?


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