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Brandon Undead
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Contest: Win a rare Dtoid TShirt.

I've got this rare edition Dtoid "Also, Cocks" to just give away! At least I think it's rare. There's still an ugly, charcoal-colored version for sale, but forget about that one. This is beautiful olive original. I've wor...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Ok you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is not my Turning Point gaming rig! A 6-year old, 2.49 Ghz Pentium 4 Hewlett-Packard desktop. S-Mart's bottom-to-near-bottom of the line. You can find this in th...


"News": Games Breeding Killers

Can you believe it? A bunch of sweater-vested psychologist and mental health types who will die virgins say Gears of War is mutating me into a desensitized, baby-punching cannibal! I got news for them, though. The inter...


G.I. Joe movie update

Like a horrible, baby-mutilating, burning train-wreck you just can't turn away from, the G.I. Joe film is somehow impossible for me to ignore. News from the producer confirms the presence of Destro who is pretty much guarant...


Did you hear!? Castle Crashers info!

Jay Allard and Major Nelson called Brian Crescente on PSP Skype screaming drunk and said Castle Crashers is coming out in 3 WEEKS and that it is going to be FREEEEEE because we had to endure a "royal clusterfuck of XBL bullshit" this month (their words, not mine). Call Workman if you don't believe it! Source: http://www.batmeng.com


About Brandon Undeadone of us since 3:54 PM on 02.08.2007

Pop music loving closet goth moonlighting as a heavy metal crusader. I have the CD collection of a serial killer, and, ladies, I know how to rock a 5-button Gibson. Watch out!
UMK 3 makes me smash things.


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