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Brandon Kelly's blog

6:49 PM on 04.15.2010

A Salute, To Halo 2

It's a weird feeling to turn on your console, PC game, whatever, and go to the main screen, and realize that it's not supported anymore. Helpful messages are gone, unable to connect to the servers; it feels like you walked ...   read

8:22 PM on 03.23.2010

10 Bad Things About Bad Company 2

Before I start, just let me tell you that I LOVE and ADORE Bad Company 2. This game has changed first person shooters for ever. From now on, after playing Bad Company 2, every time I load up a game, that isn't Red Faction:...   read

9:05 PM on 03.19.2010

My Review: Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Version -- Nintendo DS -- MSRP: $39.99 -- Release: March 14th, 2010 10 years ago, the original Pokemon Silver/Gold sucked up months of my time. The interlocking regions, the addition of a cell p...   read

8:25 PM on 03.03.2010

Something About Sex: Only Manly Men Have It

Above, from left to right.: "I dun know what zis 'coffee' is" "Wrex." "I'm so ripped." Mmm mmm. Sexy. My muscles are so large women practically leap out of their clothes and into my arms. I make them sign a release form b...   read

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