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Brandon Holmes
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Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I thought Modern Warfare 2 was a steaming pile of shit. Not that it was the worst game that I ever played, but I expected a lot more from a game with such a rabid fanbase. Still, despite...


Teh Bias: Gamers vs. The World

Most of you following the news on Dtoid today have seen the complaints made by UNICO, a group defending people of Italian origin, against Mafia II, an upcoming third-person shooter developed by 2K Czech. UNICO claims that Maf...


My name is Brandon, and...

I am an achievement addict. Yes you heard me correctly. I am an addict, not to drugs or alcohol, but to achievements. I suppose this story begins almost three years ago. My cousin and I had been doing some landscaping wor...


Spike VGA's: The Highs and Lows.

The 2009 Spike VGA's have come and gone, and I'm here to provide you with a thorough account of my highs and lows from the show. Enjoy! Highs: Teh Star Warsz?!!! Yes. This is THE win. I love anything with Star Wars on...


A Useless Introductory Blog.

I'm Brandon, and I'm pretty much your stereotypical teenage kid. Thus, writing this blog is completely pointless in theory, but a massive time killer in practice, and as I'm beginning to get bored of never ending sessions of ...


About Brandon Holmesone of us since 9:25 PM on 10.06.2009

Hi, I'm Brandon, and I'm 16. I love writing, and of course gaming.

Here are some games I've reviewed, + score for lazy people:

Call of Duty: Black Ops (360) = 8.5/10

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