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Brandnamecommercial avatar 8:40 PM on 10.25.2009  (server time)
My first blog ever... that isn't about lesbian robots.*

Hello friends, I'm a long time addict to this wonderful site and have finally gotten the up nerve to write an intro blog and maybe start being a little more active in the site which I visit countless times per day.

With regards to me the person, the gist is this: I'm a 20 year old college student at Southwestern (a small liberal arts university in Georgetown, TX) studying rhetoric, media communications, and mandarin. When I am not in class or working am I most likely to be either visiting this site or masturbating furiously (these two are not mutually exclusive).

My first introduction to games was thanks to my older brother, who indoctrinated me with 16bit JRPGs. As such, my most fond memories of gaming during the ages of 8-12 consist mostly of me either playing FFIV, FFV (as a Japanese ROM) FFVI, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG or watching my brother play them. It was actually a tradition all the way through the PSX era for whenever one of us was playing an RPG for the other to do all the voices for any of the dialogue (but I'll save that for another post). Sibling bonding at its best. The first system I ever "bought" was a PSX from my older nephew in exchange for my brother's copy of Chrono Trigger (which I don't know if he ever forgave for doing). From that point on my gaming history was one filled with magic, whimsy, and other fruity sounding adjectives.

[FFVI is my jam. As part of a personal tradition, in playing it once a year I still get something new out of it every time. The beauty of some of these games is the way that they gain continual new meaning as you accumulate new knowledge and personal experiences.]

As far as the other games I play, you can probably get a good idea of what I like from looking at the lists to the right. These lists of my favorite games on older systems are not set in stone, as I am always in the process of playing through older games I missed the first time around (such as Earthbound or Majora's Mask).

Well anyway, I think this is about all I have to say for this first post, hopefully it came out okay. I've always been intimidated by the levels of awesomeness contained within these cblogs. That's another way of saying y'all give me a mind boner.

(Where I steal my profile pic from)

*This is not say I've ever written about lesbian robots, I just wanted to clarify.

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