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Brandnamecommercial avatar 9:33 PM on 02.28.2010  (server time)
(Unofficial) Exclusive Darksiders 2 information from inside Vigil Games

Living in Austin, I had been particularly excited for the release of Darksiders, given that Vigil Games operates about 15 minutes from where I live. A family member of mine happens to be good friends with someone who works for Vigil, and after to talking to him today, I was able to learn some new information about Vigil and THQ's plans for the franchise.

*As a disclaimer, the following information comes from an undisclosed source and in no way represents an official statement by Vigil Games or THQ. This information is not yet suppose to be available to the public, which is why I'm sharing it with you.

-The Darksiders franchise is set to consist of 4 games, each starring a different horsemen. The general story arc for the tetralogy has already been roughly hashed out.

-Darksiders 2 will star Death. His concept art was finalized over the last two weeks.

Death's concept art circa mid January (was posted on Dtoid). Was not told if he has changed much from this iteration.

-THQ has put a lot of pressure on Vigil to release Darksiders 2 by January 2012. Though multiplayer has been hinted on by the outside press, the developers consider implementation of a proper multiplayer unlikely given time constraints.

-Darksiders 2 will not necessarily play anything like the first. As of right now, I have been told plans are to make Darksiders 2 much more of an RPG experience, though there are no specifics on what exactly that means. The tone and the world will remain true to the first, but gameplay is still up in the air.

There you have it. Though obviously this is still early development, expect those first two points to hold up. Gameplay and possible release date are tentative as of now.

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