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Bran Gegich's blog

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Bran Gegich avatar 10:17 AM on 11.17.2013  (server time)
The Distinguished FanBoy

Here we are the PS4 just launched in North America & Canada and has sold 1 Million Systems in 24 hours , lots of happy gamer's playing their launch games what ever they may be and just enjoying their weekend.

But since Friday there have been reports of the " red line of death " or " blue pulsing line of death " and the fanboys went insane even for normal fanboy standards things were going out of hand, an article on IGN had over 35k comments with people arguing about which system is better or how Sony messed up or when the Xbox one launches there wont be any problems because it is clearly a better console.

I have been reading gaming websites for a very long time , longer then i want to admit and i have never understood why people take the time out of their day and put so much effort into spending hours on a comment section bashing peoples opinions and their choice of games or console purchase, to the point of coming up with " facts " about sales numbers etc ... 

We all love our hobby of gaming weather its spending hours on skyrim doing random quests or playing TDM on Call of Duty or Watching unboxing videos of Special editions of games or consoles , i could go on all day the point i am trying to make is why cant you be happy with what you bought if someone else doesn't like it but you enjoy it whats the point in arguing ? why waste time and energy arguing with someone that Xbox is better than PlayStation or vice versa.

Go enjoy your games on your Xbox , PlayStation, Wii u or PC or wherever you like to play games , i think as long as YOU the person who bought the game or console enjoy it then who cares what other people think.

I hope you guys enjoys my little blog post, Let me know what you think in the comments , thanks :)

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