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11:09 AM on 01.21.2014

Battlefield 4 Review (PS4)

Dice give us what might have been the best battlefield game ever but turned out to be a half finished rushed game that had a lot of potential.


The story of battlefield 4 takes place in the near future 2020 you play as Sargent Daniel Recker or " Reck " as he is called by his squad who's call sign is Tombstone.
The campaign takes place in a lot of different areas from a gigantic sinking battleship to halfway around the world on the Kunlun Mountins for which the enemies use as a prison camp from beautiful deserts to the littered alley ways of Shanghai the player has a lot of diversity to fight trough during the campaign.
The enemies you encounter don't differ much expect for one or two missions where you get to commander a tank and blow stuff up to get to your mission objective.
It took me about 4-5 hours on the hardest difficulty to complete the game in one sitting  not that i necessarily wanted to finish it in one go its that i had no choice as there was a bug that was deleting my save files but i will get to that later.


When it comes to gameplay battlefield 4 is the closest thing you will get to perfect FPS shooting mechanics , the controls are tight the guns behave like their supposed to and there are a lot of guns to choose from.
there is a lot of diversity to choose from weather you want to go on foot and run and gun and thanks to the power of frostbite 3 take down entire buildings or create you own cover by blowing a hole trough a wall and take you the opposing player or snipe from a mile away it all just feels right but if none of that make you want to play why not fly a fighter jet and provide support or use a attack chopper with a full squad and rain down rockets from above, and if all that just sounds a little to hectic you can play commander mode which [font=sans-serif]gives one player an [/font][font=sans-serif]RTS[/font][font=sans-serif]-like view of the entire map and the ability to give orders to teammates. Also, the Commander can observe the battle through the eyes of the players on the battlefield, deploying vehicle and weapon drops to "keep the war machine going" and order in missile strikes and such on hostile targets (as long as at least one friendly player can see the target).[/font]


Aside from some technical issues that are still plaguing the game,
this is one of the best looking games out right now from amazing particle effects to jaw dropping explosions it just doesn't get better.
Running at 900P (but up scaled to 1080p) on PS4 it shows off just how powerful Sony's new machine really is, all the facial emotions the characters express are shown off in near perfect detail and makes you engrossed into the story that much more.
But nearly all of that goes out the door when you have enemy AI going trough floors or guns disappearing right from your hands when you reload it just makes the game ugly when it happenes because it looks so good when it works perfectly.


As i was writing this review i took a break and played a few matches to refresh my memory of battlefield 4 and i used my 5.1 dolby surround sound headset and i was still amazed on how i could hear every little noise that the game presented in a single match , from the distant i could hear enemy fire battering a wall so the could get around and flank, up above i heard jets roaring from one end to the other showering the battlefild( no pun intended) and choppers bringing in a fresh squad to help the war effort.
and all of this was done on the default sound setting when i changed the output to ware tapes all of the above got even better and that much more immersive.


This is where things to go from good to bad for battlefield because when the game works its a beautiful FPS with a decent story and amazing multiplayer , but most of the time your left with error messages ranging from "you must be signed in to PSN network to play multiplayer" or " battlelog in not available right now please try again later" and that's just the multiplayer side. The campaign save file likes to delete itself when you stop playing after completing half the game or the game randomly crashing to the dashboard and then deleting your save for good measure. The save corruption happened to me so often that i just said fuck it and completed the game in one sitting which i should not have to do with a AAA game.

The Verdict

What could of been a game of the year contender turned into one of the buggiest games to be released this generation, after battlefield 3 we would have thought that DICE learned where it went wrong and would make the perfect battlefield game and i believe they were on track if EA didn't pretty much force them to release the game half finished just to get it out the door before Call of duty, as of this writing 21st of January 2014 server issues, random crashed and save file corruption still plague the game and that's after nearly 6-8 gigs of patches which is should not acceptable in this day and age.   read

10:17 AM on 11.17.2013

The Distinguished FanBoy

Here we are the PS4 just launched in North America & Canada and has sold 1 Million Systems in 24 hours , lots of happy gamer's playing their launch games what ever they may be and just enjoying their weekend.

But since Friday there have been reports of the " red line of death " or " blue pulsing line of death " and the fanboys went insane even for normal fanboy standards things were going out of hand, an article on IGN had over 35k comments with people arguing about which system is better or how Sony messed up or when the Xbox one launches there wont be any problems because it is clearly a better console.

I have been reading gaming websites for a very long time , longer then i want to admit and i have never understood why people take the time out of their day and put so much effort into spending hours on a comment section bashing peoples opinions and their choice of games or console purchase, to the point of coming up with " facts " about sales numbers etc ... 

We all love our hobby of gaming weather its spending hours on skyrim doing random quests or playing TDM on Call of Duty or Watching unboxing videos of Special editions of games or consoles , i could go on all day the point i am trying to make is why cant you be happy with what you bought if someone else doesn't like it but you enjoy it whats the point in arguing ? why waste time and energy arguing with someone that Xbox is better than PlayStation or vice versa.

Go enjoy your games on your Xbox , PlayStation, Wii u or PC or wherever you like to play games , i think as long as YOU the person who bought the game or console enjoy it then who cares what other people think.

I hope you guys enjoys my little blog post, Let me know what you think in the comments , thanks :)   read

6:26 PM on 08.11.2013

What was your First, And your Favourite ?

NOTE: I just joined up to the site so please be easy on your fellow gaming brethren

So , here we are only a few months away from the release of PS4 and Xbox ONE, the hype machines for both company's are on full power as more and more information is released day by day , but i want to take a look back at where it all began for me or you, what was your first console , im talking about the moment you laid your eyes it you knew you HAD! to have it no matter what , for me it was the original Xbox , i had a super Nintendo before that and wanted the PS2 but then i saw halo and sweet Jesus i was blow away , now keep in mind i was only 9 at the time so i would of been amazed by pretty much anything, but this new type of game was mesmerizing to me so i knew that i had to have this new console and its awesome looking game Halo: Combat Evolved.
I had to think of ways to convince my parents to get me this new console, it was march in 2002 so Christmas and my birthday have passed, i needed the perfect excuse and i found one, at the time my family was moving house and at the same time my Super Nintendo broke so i was left without a gaming device and my old friends, so i started the long battle , begging and nagging my parents saying how i don't have any friends in this new neighbourhood and i don't have anything to entertain me in the house , and finally in the summer of 2002 they caved and got me Xbox, halo and PGR , and boy was i exited waiting all day for my dad to come back home but when he did finally arrive he arrived with bad news, there was a delay of shipment and i had to wait a whole week , and let me tell you that was single handedly the longest week of my entire childhood most nights i couldn't sleep because i was so exited to get my hands on it and play halo , finally the day had arrived my dad brought me my Xbox and its pretty game Halo , i couldn't control my self so i started it up and didnt stop playing until the credits rolled , now i know what your thinking " hey you said you were 9 how did you play trough halo in one sitting " pure dedication that's how, i simply could not stop , my body would not let me i had to finish this amazing game no matter what i did not come out of my room for 10 hours straight , and after that as they say the rest is history , i have played every halo game that has come out simply because i wanted to know more about the story and the games universe.
Lets speed things up to present day and here we are again with new consoles on the horizon, but this time master chief and me will be parting ways as i will be getting a PlayStation 4 until the eventual price drop of the Xbox ONE , from 2002 until 2009 i was a hardcore Xbox fan i mean i would come up with any excuse how the PS3 sucked and how there was no Private Chat or that the games sucked , but in reality the games didn't suck i had a blast with Nathan Drake and his adventures and fighting the helghast was one of my favourite FPS experiences but the pinnacle for me at least was The last of us , this was like halo all over again i had to play this game no matter what and i was once again mesmerized by this beautiful looking game and once again i did not stop playing until the credits had rolled.
That is the reason i will be buying the Playstation 4 on launch day because i am waiting to see where Naughty dog, Gorilla Games, Sucker Punch and Santa Monica and the many more development studios take me next.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any criticism let me know im always looking to improve.   read

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