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Bran Gegich
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Battlefield 4 Review (PS4)

Dice give us what might have been the best battlefield game ever but turned out to be a half finished rushed game that had a lot of potential. Story. 7 The story of battlefield 4 takes place in the near future 2020 you play...


The Distinguished FanBoy

Here we are the PS4 just launched in North America & Canada and has sold 1 Million Systems in 24 hours , lots of happy gamer's playing their launch games what ever they may be and just enjoying their weekend. But since Fr...


What was your First, And your Favourite ?

NOTE: I just joined up to the site so please be easy on your fellow gaming brethren So , here we are only a few months away from the release of PS4 and Xbox ONE, the hype machines for both company's are on full power as mor...


About Bran Gegichone of us since 6:23 PM on 08.11.2013

I have been playing games my whole life , i own every system out right now ( PS4 and XBOX 1 once their out in europe ) and will continue to be a gamer till i die haha , This site has inspired me to start writing blogs here and there about gaming and so far its has been a good experience

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