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Brain Candy avatar 5:24 PM on 02.13.2012  (server time)
Fray - Sex, Pre-orders and a Video.


Brain Candy is really happy to open Fray to pre-orders, allowing you to join in the alpha testing of the game!

Realeasing an Alpha is an exciting time (albeit a bit scary), we are at a crossroad of shared visions, putting our baby into your hands, so that you can help us shape it into the product YOU want!

We would really like to get as much feedback as possible on every aspect of the game, to make it the best multiplayer turn based strategy experience, and that will only be possible with a solid community! So we really hope that you will join us in our test sessions, use the free CD Key to play with a friend and hang out on our forums or our chatroom!

Thanks again for all your support up until now!

You can purchase your Pre-Order on Desura for the price of 19.99$/17.99/14.99.

** Warning: there is currently an issue with the buy one / get one free deal, as soon as it is solved we will be sending keys to everyone who has purchased the game and created has registered the game **

Why Pre-Order Fray?

- Play a unique turn-based game before everyone else.
- Get weekly builds of the game until release.
- Receive a free CD key to give away to a friend.
- Gain unique access to the devs to influence the game.
- Purchase the game at a discounted price
- Help out a team of indie devs!

What should I know about the Alpha?:

We're not gonna lie to you, this is not a finished product, and as an Alpha, you will encounter bugs. But the core mechanics are there and Fray is updtated weekly to make the player experience as enjoyable as possible.

In the game, there are currently:

- 2 Maps
- The 6 classes
- Over 15 Weapons and Equipments
- 2 Corporations

[u]What's to come:[/u]

Better class and weapon balance,
Effects and Trail Shots,
Sound Design,
4 player games (FFA and Team games),
Redesign of the maps to enhance fight speeds,
New environments,
Less bugs (obviously!),
Experience system and credits to enhance your team and earn new weapons and equipment,
Performance optimization,
and much more (achievements, faction loyalty, game modes...)!

So come and join the fun!

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