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My Name is Alexandre, I am co-founder of Brain Candy and this is my personal dev/rant/random/QQ blog.

Brain Candy is an independent games studio from Paris, France and was founded by 3 industry passionates.

We strive to create great products for the gamer crowd and will always listen to the public's feedback, whether it is positive or negative (we'll just smack you in the face if we don't like what you're saying).

We hope you will enjoy interacting with us as much as we enjoy making games for you!

Some of my favorite games are:

The Half Life franchise
Final Fantasy 3/6 and Tactics
Wipeout 3 and HD
Secret of Mana
Fallout 1/2

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Hey all!! It has been a while :D

A bit of radio silence from my part, but it has been prolific since we got a lot done, refined the gameplay, recreated some of our code and got the game to run a lot smoother.

I just wanted to update you guys with a batch of new screenshots that we shared with Rock Paper Shotgun. They show some of our progression, and although they are still lacking in many ways (no lightmapping, not many props, etc), they will give you a sense of what we are aiming at. I hope you enjoy them and don't hesitate to leave us with some feedback!

Here is an extract question from the interview that explains some of the gameplay:

RPS: Greetings! So, simultaneous turn-based strategy? You’d better explain how that works, before the heads of our readers cave in like rotten fruit.

Alexandre Avenard: Bonjour RPS! Simultaneous turn-based strategy… Quite a mouthful isn’t it?
In traditional turn-based games, players take turns to give orders to their squads, armies or characters, one after another. While this system works wonders in single player games, it can be a problem in a multiplayer context, where a game can drag on and on.

This is where we believe simultaneous turn-based strategy truly shines. By allowing every player to choose their actions at the same time, we can create a very dynamic strategy game, even with a high number of players, since you don’t have to wait for your opponents. Once everyone in the match has given their orders or a fixed timer has run out, you then witness how your actions pan out in a cinematic fashion. With this system in place, Fray is much more action oriented than traditional turn-based strategy games. You have to anticipate the enemy’s actions, put yourself in their shoes, and lay out traps and ambushes, with virtually no down time, rather than just reacting to their actions. It is a very different feeling that just has to be tried!

To read more and get some higher resolution screenies, head on to the interview here!
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Hey all,

So last week was the GDC in San Francisco and we got to show the game to the press for the first time. The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and we got really positive feedback on both our tech demo and the gameplay elements. And we were surprised at who showed up: Gamespot, IGN, Shacknews, PC Gamer.... Just to name a few.

We will be showing some gameplay videos in the upcoming weeks to explain more in depth how the game is played, but until then enjoy the first screens and an in depth preview of the game that Gamespot posted last week:

Today, we are meeting with Joystiq, Wired and CNet and then we will be heading back home to France to continue working on the game! Take care all :)
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Brain Candy
9:20 AM on 02.21.2011

Hey all,

We are happy to present our teaser trailer to the world. It presents the setting and mood of the game and doesn't represent the gameplay :D

We had a lot of fun doing this and we hope you like it :)


We are happy to announce that Brain Candy is pregnant with a beautiful baby game, Fray (it’s a boy!). He has been gestating in our womb for almost a year now, and is due to come out at the end of the year. He will be put up for adoption immediatly after birth. We just hope that he doesn’t have any of Bob’s genetic code.

Here are some of his first finger paintings:

The announcement has been really well received across the web, and has been featured on Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun and even IGN!

Yet... No Destructoid, and that makes me a sad Candy.

But I am sure we will be news worthy when we release our movie next week!

Enjoy our official press release below!

Fray is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game that eliminates the waiting involved with most turn-based games by introducing simultaneous play.

It is gritty sci-fi game set in 2098, a world where civil society is on the brink of collapse. Three mega-corporations vie for control of the Earth and its remaining resources. In a world where most human interaction is confined to cyberspace, mankind has created a variety of virtual reality modules in which to escape the harsh realities of life and experience the full range of human emotions once known by generations past. Some modules are created for human enjoyment while others have been created to serve more devious purposes. One of the most pivotal virtual environments is the combat module, Fray.

Players will enter Fray with a squad of four characters, each with their own specialties. Outfit your squad with a variety of weapons, items and abilities to prepare them for combat. Once inside, Fray is played in turns, where all players choose their actions simultaneously. When actions are chosen, or the timer has run out, the action then plays out in real time cinematic fashion with dynamic camera angles. By virtue of the simultaneous action selection system, the delay and frustration of most turn-based strategy games has been eliminated.

With an original electronic soundtrack, 3D visuals, and motion-captured animations, Fray is poised to be one of the premiere new game properties of 2011.

Hey Dtoid! Long time no see :) Been pretty busy at Brain Candy land, working on a demo we would like to present at the GDC, so it was tough to drop by and give you guys an update, but here it is!

Today we would like to show some of our work on weapon design. Weapons in such a scifi game as Fray are a very important part, both esthetically and gameplay wise. In terms of style, we have many different types of weapons, ranging from the classic military weapons, to some more exotic and improbable, and we will be revealing more as we move along in the development!

We are currently implementing the military weapons in the game, so low poly versions around 2 to 4k, but we also have to create high resolution renders of some weapons, for our trailer and website.

We started as usual with a brief description of each weapon. For instance for the SMG, we started with “HF - SMITH Sub Machine Gun -­ Standard military infantry weapon, uses 10 mm caseless ammunition.” This gun is supposed to be a light, medium range weapon, designed for quick burst shots, similarly to an Uzi.

We then started working with Vincent on some concepts for the weapon. As usual he drew a few sketches to fit our design ideas and came up with three low resolution thumbnails from which we could then refine our vision.

Once we had decided on the look, Vincent sent an intermediary sketch, followed by the final painting for the weapon. The HF Smith SMG was born.

Next, the concept went into Bertrand’s hands to create the 3D model of the gun. Here is a small render we just made:

Here is another weapon Max is currently working on, the HF Gruber Assault Rifle.

Well I hope you enjoyed these, coming up soon is the release of our teaser movie (FINALLY!), our website and we continue working as we get ready to unveil the game at the GDC at the end of february. Til next time folks !
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Hello Boys and Girls, as promised, here is the making of video to show you how the Motion Capture went at Quantic Dream for our upcoming game Fray.

We had a lot of fun making this video, we hope you enjoy the show, and spread the word if you want more like these ! :-)

Happy holidays from all of us at Brain Candy!!