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Brain Candy's blog

3:04 PM on 07.01.2011

Fray: First Gameplay Screenshots and an Interview!

Hey all!! It has been a while :D A bit of radio silence from my part, but it has been prolific since we got a lot done, refined the gameplay, recreated some of our code and got the game to run a lot smoother. I just wanted ...   read

1:36 PM on 03.07.2011

Fray: Screenshots from the GDC

Hey all, So last week was the GDC in San Francisco and we got to show the game to the press for the first time. The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and we got really positive feedback on both our tech demo and th...   read

9:20 AM on 02.21.2011

Fray: Teaser Trailer

Hey all, We are happy to present our teaser trailer to the world. It presents the setting and mood of the game and doesn't represent the gameplay :D We had a lot of fun doing this and we hope you like it :) Enjoy!   read

11:10 AM on 02.10.2011

Fray: Official Announcement

We are happy to announce that Brain Candy is pregnant with a beautiful baby game, Fray (itís a boy!). He has been gestating in our womb for almost a year now, and is due to come out at the end of the year. He will be put up f...   read

5:46 AM on 02.01.2011

Fray: In the future, guns go pew. (From Concept to Art, part deux)

Hey Dtoid! Long time no see :) Been pretty busy at Brain Candy land, working on a demo we would like to present at the GDC, so it was tough to drop by and give you guys an update, but here it is! Today we would like to show ...   read

5:17 AM on 12.19.2010

Fray: Motion Capture Making-Of Video

Hello Boys and Girls, as promised, here is the making of video to show you how the Motion Capture went at Quantic Dream for our upcoming game Fray. We had a lot of fun making this video, we hope you enjoy the show, and spread the word if you want more like these ! :-) Happy holidays from all of us at Brain Candy!!   read

7:02 AM on 12.01.2010

Fray: Top 100 Upcoming Indie Games... GET! Now we need YOU DToiders!

Hi all! A little bit of self promotion time (gotta pay the bills :P), but Fray has just been selected in the Top 100 Upcoming Indie Games over at IndieDB ! Now we need YOU! The next round of voting has begun and the game w...   read

5:32 PM on 11.29.2010

Fray: War, Tears, Sexy Pants and Playtests

Hello fellow earthlings! As time flows on, so does Fray's progress. Last week was pretty busy as we continued to work on level design and art production. Also, as we discussed in our last update, we did the game's motion capt...   read

4:38 AM on 11.17.2010

Fray: Buildings, Music and CrÍpes.

To celebrate the introduction of French gastronomy to the UNESCO world heritage list (and who doesn't enjoy baguettes, crepes and snails???), here is a progression update to show you guys some of the buildings we are workin...   read

9:07 AM on 10.26.2010

Fray: Making a Game Trailer... Hollywood Style !

We are busy little bees, working heavily on Fray... Our team has gotten larger, with 2 new 3D artists, an assistant Game Designer and another Programmer, bringing us up to 9 on-site in Paris, and the game has grown steadily...   read

4:56 PM on 07.15.2010

Fray: First 3D Model

Hey boys and girls, just taking the time to update you on the game. It has been a tough couple of weeks but we have our prototype running, and as you can see we settled on the name Fray. I just wanted to showcase the 3D model for one of the characters in the game, it is the light armor for CronaCorp, a highly advanced and scientific corporation. Hope you like it :)   read

9:45 AM on 07.02.2010

From Concept to Art

So we have been working for the past month with a great concept artist, Vincent Morin, who has had the difficult task of translating our vision of the game into beautiful artworks that are to be used to create 3D models. Sin...   read

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