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Brad Nicholson says:

Resistance 2 player looking for a good time

// Submitted @ 12:33 PM on 11.22.2008

Hey guys, is anyone up for some crazy Resistance 2 action today? I知 currently digging into the multiplayer components for review and I知 looking for a couple of cool dudes (or ladies) to help me out. I want to get in a ton of cooperative play today, then bury into the competitive stuff tonight.

If you池e interested, you値l need three of the following four criteria checked.

______ Has a microphone and enjoys screaming 的 need ammo on a consistent basis.

______ Likes to kill Chimera with guns.

______ Enjoys sand

______ Likes to work in a group

If you didn稚 fulfill the above criteria, it痴 okay I still need you. I知 a lonely PSN man and my few friends apparently didn稚 buy Resistance 2. My PSN ID is: HateMach1ne

Throw me an invite whenever, but I知 looking to play cooperative RIGHT NOW.


Brad Nicholson

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