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Brad Nicholson avatar 8:46 PM on 06.20.2008  (server time)
Resistance 2 Beta Code Giveaway

The guys at PS3fanboy recently got a hot tip about the emergence of Resistance 2 beta invites getting past around. Like most high profile closed betas, Insomniac is going to force prospective players to toss out some hard earned bones. In a maneuver that is decidedly less costly than Bungie’s “buy an uneven sandbox game,” all Insomniac wants to do is push the sales of GamePro magazine. There’s an even bigger catch to be had though – only special copies will contain a code for the beta.

Does anyone even voluntarily subscribe to video game magazines anymore? The medium has taken a pretty rough tumble of late. The only reason I still have subscriptions to magazines is because I get terribly bored of employees at retail video game stores pushing them on me so much. They service well in the john, but past that any exclusives that are to be had are instantly scanned and pasted online, often weeks before the magazine is debuted.

Regardless, the codes are going to be offered next month, so choose wisely Charlie, and perhaps you will get to ride the great glass elevator to a future without squalor.

[Via PS3fanboy]

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