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Brad Nicholson avatar 11:23 AM on 05.01.2009
Nick Chester cheats, wins against Brad Nicholson in SF IV

Nick Chester cheats, wins against Brad Nicholson in SF IV

April 30th, 2009 -- Brad Nicholson PR Company

Late this afternoon, Street Fighter IV World Champion Brad Nicholson (using Zangief) was defeated by Destructoid dot com's Editor-in-Chief Nick Chester (using Ken) in two separate, three-round matches. Unfortunately, Chester didnít manage to beat Nicholson fairly. Destructoid's daddy used a variety of cheap tactics, hacks, and exploits to take down the worldís greatest Street Fighter IV player.

In the first round of the first match, Chester told Nicholson to stop play so he could answer his door. When Nicholson looked away from the screen, Chester attacked him several times, putting his health near zero. Although frustrated and dismayed, Nicholson tried to mount a comeback. He would ultimately lose the round.

During the second round of the first match, Chester modem glitched -- tapped the "Standby" button on his modem -- in order to slow Nicholson down and gain the upper hand. He succeeded.

In the second match, Chester decided to taunt Nicholson by calling him dirty names and proceeded to use a Gameshark to change his character, Ken, into Godzilla. Nicholsonís Zangief couldnít Lariat or bear hug the towering lizard. Nicholson lost both rounds.

"I'm mildly disappointed with how it went down," Brad Nicholson said. "I was really expecting some decently competitive matches. Obviously, Nick [Chester] knew I would win and resorted to poor tactics."

"Iím the greatest Street Fighter IV player ever," Nicholson added. "I've never lost a match fair and square."


About Brad Nicholson PR Company

Founded in 2012, the Brad Nicholson PR Company is at the cutting edge of information delivering technology. Plus, they have a time machine. I mean, címon. A TIME MACHINE. A TIME MACHINE.

About Brad Nicholson

He's the greatest Street Fighter IV player of all time. He also hates it when he loses at Street Fighter IV and has a serious problem admitting that it happened.

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