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Brad Nicholson avatar 12:29 PM on 06.20.2008  (server time)
Hello Kitty DS Records Your Life

If you are anything like me, you simply crave the opportunity to write down appointments, interviews, meetings, and daily agendas in video game form. Thankfully, the guys at Nobilis will finally give us the chance to use the Nintendo DS to its fullest potential – as a PDA. The only catch is that your coworkers may look at you in a wholly different light after whipping out this badboy.

Hello Kitty, a Japanese staple and worldwide fashion experience is making the jump to the DS in the form of Hello Kitty Daily, and can be accompanied by that pink monstrosity above. It is being touted as “the new trendy and useful must have for girls who play Nintendo DS,” but I beg to differ. Not only can the game wake you up in the morning with an alarm clock function, but it can also record friend’s birthdays, record money logs, and calculate scientific formulas. These are all necessary functions that I need in a typical day at the office. I can already see it now.

What’s that? When did you say you were coming in, John? Hold on, let me check my Hello Kitty Daily Diary. Ah, you were supposed to come in a quarter after Blue Kitty. You’re like, totally five kittens late, bro. Skip to it.”

Hello Kitty Diary is shipping across the pond in October, and let us pray it makes it to the Americas.

[Via Kotaku and GoNintendo]

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