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The big ruckus right now is the fact that the Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War teaser trailer is available on LIVE, but I beg to differ. The trailer is fun and all, but all that really matters is that a weapon very near and dear to my heart has been revealed to exist in yet another World War II game.

The flammenwerfer is a beautiful weapon. It was utilized in World War II initially for its ability to clear brush quickly in Northern Africa, but it eventually became the ultimate pillbox evacuator. The concept has been around since the Byzantines, but all that really needs to be known is that it is a wholly awesome weapon that does nothing but spew video game death in its wake.

Perhaps it’s that flash of bright orange brilliance, or that tiny spark that just begs the attention of Benzin that gets me all excited, but I am totally ready for another WWII shooter now. I wonder if players will have the opportunity to use it in multiplayer like they can in Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War. Spawn camping with fire is just way too damn funny and satisfying.

Oh, and I guess that whole "we're dropping the 5" thing is now confirmed, as well as the tone that Treyarch is looking to find. Call of Duty: World at War certainly does look particularly grim, nasty, and filled with doom.

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