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Brad Nicholson avatar 6:49 PM on 06.20.2008  (server time)
Disgaea 3 Gets a Release Date and Price

Time wanes and genres fall, but the strategy role-playing game continually stays in focus. Many moons ago an astute poster on the NeoGAF forums found an interesting pre-release trailer that not only showed off some gameplay elements for the Playstation 3 exclusive Disgaea 3, but also revealed a release date and apparent pricing for the title. This video should titillate any strategy RPG fan from onset until conclusion.

I couldn’t corroborate the price and release information from the video like the poster did, but it appears that the consensus on the release date of Nippon Ichi’s latest incarnation is August 26, 2008. The pricing is said to be slated as $49.99 upon American release and is corroborated by most major video game vendors.

I am fresh off of doing a few retro reviews of the Shining Force series, so I am doubly excited to not only use my PS3 again, but to play what appears to be an archaic SRPG. The only thing that is really throwing me at this point is the ridiculousness of the story. It takes place in a demon haunted world, in a demon infested school. Apparently, the protagonist wants to go against the typical demon credo and do good deeds instead of wicked ones. Essentially all in an attempt to become a “hero," which of course, rubs across the grain off the demon world.

I am not saying that the Dark Dragon horde of Shining Force I was amazingly better, but Disgaea 3 just seems exceedingly odd for a Japanese title. Here is to hoping that it is all that a PS3 owner could ever ask for out of the genre though.

[Via NeoGAF]

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