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Samit Sarkar avatar 12:44 PM on 10.29.2007
Rumor: PS3 software v2.0 won’t include anything that PS3 owners care about

Last Friday, Brian Crecente over at Kotaku put up a story speaking of a rumor — sent to him by “an informed UK reader” — regarding version 2.0 of the PS3’s system software. According to the internet matlock/source, the update will hit tomorrow, October 30th, and it will contain the following additions:

• PS3 power control through PSP Remote Play
• new PSN category in XMB
• new PlayTV category in XMB (SCEE only)
• music & photo playlists
• content groupings for Video & Game tabs
• custom XMB themes (one will be included; others will be available for purchase)
• Trend Micro™ Web Security for the PS3’s browser (parental lock that will initially be free, but will eventually cost money)

Like Brian, I doubt that the date is accurate, considering that v1.94 is just now being released on the Ratchet & Clank game discs. You’d think that they’d have one or two more minor updates (like, say, v1.96 and v1.98) between now and v2.0. Anyway, frankly — if this is the actual content of the much-ballyhooed v2.0 update — I’m extremely disappointed. This is the kind of minor stuff I’d expect to see in an interstitial update (you know, one that looked like x.xx), not a major software revision. Plus, this only includes two things that PS3 owners have wanted for a while now: playlists and the ability to group content in the Video and Game XMB tabs. Everyone just assumed that v2.0 would include the one huge thing that everyone’s been clamoring for: in-game XMB access. But perhaps they’re delaying that until they launch Home? Who knows...but either way, I don’t see how this could possibly constitute a major software update. I mean, if anything, in case in-game XMB access isn’t quite ready yet, they should just call this v1.9x...because everyone’s expecting that feature to be a part of v2.0. What do you guys think?

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