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7:30 PM on 01.08.2008

COULD the SSBB Alloys be hinting at a new character?!

As some of you may have seen from the SSBB updates, the new Fighting Polygon Team/Wireframes look set to be replaced by the "Alloys."
I was reading from the bottom and the first one I saw said it looks like Kirby, which it KINDA does.
The blue one looks KINDA like Zero Suit Samus.
The red one looks ALMOST like Captain Falcon.
...What about the Yellow one? Could it be Pikachu? Could it be Bowser? Or could it be hinting at a new character for us?
And yes, the horns DO kinda look like Bowser's, BUT, unlike the the others, the character wouldn't be proportionate to the Alloy, which all the others do.
If my theory is right then it could mean moar characters in SSBB to be revealed. =O
You decide.

Edit: Is it the Meteos guy?

Also, for the people saying they haven't seen the Alloys:

Possible C. Falcon.

Possible Zero Suit Samus.

Possible Kirby (even states that on the site.)

Mystery Alloy. (Possible Meteos guy?)   read

8:01 AM on 01.06.2008

PS3 losing MORE of it's appeal to me.

Okay, I know this is probably old news by now, and I also realise that it's probably quite a petty thing to be angry about, but seeing as I don't own a PS3 I haven't REALLY been up to date on what it offers. But hey, and seeing as I no longer have my PS2, it's just making it a pain in the arse for me.
Anyways, surfing the interwebs, I suddenly come across an article about the PS3 has done something to fuck up one of the features making me more inclined to get one. Apparently, in Europe (if not everywhere) now, the PS3 60 GB model has now been discontinued, and backwards compatibility with it. One word:
I sold my PS2 before the news of the PS3's wallet raping price was actually confirmed, as I had other consoles to play while I wait, and now the only PS3 I can get is one that doesn't even play the games I want to, which means to play them I'll have to go out and get a new PS2 and just take up more room on my already overcrowded desk thing (which has my PC, TV, Freeview box, Wii and 360 on it.)
Jesus Christ, Microsoft keep releasing consoles nobody WANTS (Core/Arcade,) and Sony takes away the one that most people (that I know) actually DO want.
This "HOME" thing better be as good as I'm hoping it is. Hell, the whole year of 2008 for PS3 game releases better be, because I've basically lost 3 years worth of games that I won't be able to find now, games that I really wanted to play but now can't without spending MORE money that I would have done on the damn PS3.   read

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